By admin / September 21, 2019

Our Collection Of Natural Stones Is Cool For Designers And Architects

Natural stone obviously has used in buildings for exterior or interior work. That means designers and architectures are the inseparable...

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By admin / September 14, 2019

We Have Chosen RADSAM With A Purpose In Our Mind!!

We love harmony and care deeply about our business partner, wanting them to feel comfortable and safe in the business...

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By admin / September 7, 2019

Dehbid Marble or Crema Marfil Marble?

Application Dehbid marble or Crema Marfil Marble from Iran is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. In other words,...

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By admin / September 4, 2019

All About Crystal White Marble From Iran

Crystal White Marble is a calcium rich natural stone, changes over time with use, and adds character to the piece....

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By admin / September 2, 2019

Line Of Our Available Products

Natural stone comes in several varieties and is mined from the earth. Natural stones can be used for indoor and...

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By admin / August 31, 2019


We are looking forward to collaborating and exploring the endless possibilities of natural stone. Our focus is our client whom...

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By admin / August 28, 2019

Isfahan: The Zone of Natural Stones

Iran is one of the most important countries in the world’s stone industry. The excavation of various mines of travertine,...

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By admin / August 22, 2019

Why to Choose Iran to Buy Natural Stone?

Iran enjoys an international marked advantage when it comes to abundance and variety in supplying stone. In addition, mineral decorative...

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By admin / August 14, 2019

Onyx Time!

Onyx is formed as the result of a metamorphic process on limestone. On other words, it is formed by spring...

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By admin / August 11, 2019

Happy Eid!!