Our Collection Of Natural Stones Is Cool For Designers And Architects


Natural stone obviously has used in buildings for exterior or interior work. That means designers and architectures are the inseparable part of this industry. They are continuously looking for new and also unique materials to use in their projects. That’s the reason why Radsam Stone focuses on natural stone products to make these materials more accessible to them. This is what happens for centuries to decorate the interior and exterior of buildings

We have a large collection of natural stone including granite, marble, sandstone, and travertine.  We supply them in several formats -slab, tile or block- and finishing process such as flammed, honed, or polished. This variety satisfy any architect or designer because they can suit to any kind of desire or preferences they have for their architectural project.

Natural stone is used indoors and outdoors purpose from facades to floors ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, living-rooms to bedrooms. Two key factors, that is, resistance and durability take a starring role in this type of natural materials.  Our products reflect our commitment to quality and aesthetic. The uniqueness of each material can be sensed by the beauty, elegance and exclusiveness of natural stone.

 Our travertine, marble and granite collections are designed from functionality and the latest trends in the market. For most part, natural stone can be used as the neutral base while the rest of accessories can bring the color. For the interior, natural stone add visual interest, texture and sense of comfortability to the space.

For interior design, natural stone can be used numberlessly. You can use a stone wall to frame a. Usually, light stone is used to highlight this specific place in the room like doorway to a bedroom and dark stone will bring a natural feel to a small home or apartment.

The general characteristics of natural stone

Among the most well-known natural stones for construction are granite, marble, sandstone and travertine. They have various degree of water absorption, compression strength, heat storage capacity or frost resistance. One can’t get the technical character of material from their surface. Usually, hard stones like granite are used for the exterior whilst softer materials such as marble are more suitable for interiors.

The applications of natural stones in design and architecture

Natural stone can be used in industry, in garden and landscape design as well as in cladding and design of private and commercial properties. Granite can be used, for example, to decorate exterior facades of museums, Malls, shopping centers or residential units while marbles and sandstone can be used for stair coverings and flooring. They also can be used for masonry, window and door frames, terraces and paving slabs, Interior wall cladding, kitchen worktops, washbasins, fireplaces.

In ancient time, castles, palaces, churches and other imposing buildings were made of natural stone.  In modern time, numerous outstanding projects use natural stone as a building material.

Natural stone: the most durable product

The most durable and versatile materials that can work for every surface, a facade, roof and a great offer for designers and architectures is natural stone.

In architecture and design, natural stone is a trending product. It is the ideal product to achieve a touch of innovation and topicality.

In terms of variety, Iranian natural stones are number one in the world. That is why our collection can bring the most attractive and interesting designs for each case. Likewise, the possibility of finding different natural stone formats let the designers to have an open hand in choosing materials based on their preferences. for detail, please visit our website at: http://radsamstone.com/

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