Pietra Gray Marble (Isfahan-Lashotor)


pietra gray marble has a grayish-black background that is used for special designs in different parts of the building and bathrooms. pietra grey marble has very low water absorption and also high strength. pietra grey marble is a slab with a thickness of 2 cm. In Radsam stone co. , it is processed with excellent raw materials. This stone is suitable for use on the floor of buildings and open spaces too.

Name of stone : Lashotor (PIETRA GRAY)
Application : stairs, counters, kitchen floors
Thickness and type of slab : cut / 2 cm

Thickness and type of blocks : vary
Colore : Gray
type : Marble

Lashotor (pietra grey) stone price:
The price of pietra grey marble depends on several factors:
The most important factor is the color of the stone, that make the price upper.
The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on it.
The larger dimensions of the stone and the more accurate for cuts, has a higher price.

The processing quality of pietra gray stone :

in terms of saw, cut, resin will have a great impact on the price of stone.
To buy Lashotor marble, you can call us to get informations completely about price and request so that your request can be sent directly to the Lashotor marble manufacturers to process.

Lashotor stone quarries:
The quarries of this stone with 3000 tons of monthly extraction and reserves of about 360,000 tons per year is located in Isfahan province and 35 km south of Isfahan, lashotor region.
Radsam Stone will guide you to buying and inquiry about decorative and building stones, along with the analysis and application of stones, helps you to have the best choice in the shortest time.


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