Isfahan: The Zone of Natural Stones


Iran is one of the most important countries in the world’s stone industry. The excavation of various mines of travertine, marble, granite,onyx , and limestone has made the country of the so-called stone industry.

Among all, Isfahan province is the best place to buy Iranian stone with three industrial cities of Dowlat Abad, Rezvan Shahr, Mahmoud Abad. Moreover, the city of Isfahan is precisely located in the center of Iran, and has many stone mines and quarries.

Iran’s Decorative Stones

Iranian market for decorative and building stones including TravertineMarbleLimestone and Granite is the world’s first in terms of quality and diversity and world’s fourth highest ranking in terms of extraction.

Radsam and Clients

Radsam Stone Company with more than 15 years of experience in exporting natural stones to different countries, has provided the conditions in which you will experience a new kind of business in a win-win situation.
our website is a market that has become an exhibition of the best Iranian stone products through working with the best Iranian producers.  We do our share in marketing and sales services and make a safe and smooth purchase possible for you. We happily invite you to visit our facilities by traveling to Iran. You can see our manufacturing and commercial space closely and get to know about our potential and capabilities in the field.

Why Clients Work with Us In a Long-term Relation!

Product variety is the key point that always work well for our clients and their customers. We have solved this problem for them since our diverse range of products has given new looks to their stores and warehouses.
We believe in win-win situations, and we consider ourselves to be, in the first place, your advisor not your salesperson.

We are following A Long-term Business Relation:

We promise that if you purchase once, you will purchase again and we want our business interactions to be long-term not a one-time deal.

we are honored to introduce the natural stones of Iran to the world beside the worldwide reputation of the Iran’s unique history and civilization, carpets and crafts, caviar, and pistachio.

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