Iranian Slab Stones


Iranian Slab Stones : Due to the advances that have been made in the field of stone processing technology, the production of slab stone in Iran is also possible.

Types of Iranian stone, of which healthy cuts are available in large sizes, can be cut by giant saws.

Thus, the stone is processed in large sheets and is ready for use by the customer. The large size of the slab allows the customer to use very large sizes in their projects and also increases the beauty of the work.

Slab stone allows you to do projects such as cabinet stone project / panel stone / stone table / island stone / counter top stone / mosaic stone and.. The mentioned items can be done using slab stone and have a special beauty.

But Iranian stones that are mostly used as slab stones are as follows:

Najafabad slab stone:

Najafabad slab stone has a black and dark background and white streaks are scattered irregularly on its surface, which gives it an extraordinary beauty. The naturalness of these veins makes the placement of this stone on the floor stone give it a special beauty.

Lashotor or Pietra gray stone:

Lashotor stone, which is known abroad as pietra gray stone, is one of the famous stones with a gray colored background. The beauty of this stone is unique due to its gray background, and white streaks are scattered on its surface.

Dehbid stone:

Dehbid stone, which is extracted from mines in two main colors, brown Dehbid and cream Dehbid, can be processed as slab stone.

Dehbid marble or Crema Marfil Marble from Iran is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. In other words, it has a very bright and shiny background with snowy veins distributed on it which gives it the best look for being used as a floor stone. Its bright colored background is one of the reasons for the wide acceptance of Dehbid marble.  It is normally used in office environments, the lobby of hotels and buildings, residential and commercial sectors, floor of the apartment, the body of the staircase and parkings. The Dehbid Marble is often processed into slabs or large sizes. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and best marble in Iran.

Dehbid stone has the ability to work together in a single color and in combination, doubling the beauty of the work.
Marshall Stone:

Golden Black Stone:

The Golden Black stone also has a dark background and in some cases black, and white and gold streaks are scattered on it. But its streaks are not like Marshall Spider’s stone.

Persian Silk Stone:

This stone also has a light gray background and is lighter than Lashotor stone. Also, cloud and wind veins are scattered on Persian Silk rock and this rock is suitable for the floor.

Buying building stone in the form of slabs leaves your hand open for special designs. In this way, you can buy Iranian stones in different colors, in addition to the unique beauty that will be available to you, you will also receive very reasonable prices.

In addition to Iranian stones, foreign stones are also available for you, so you can consider a unique variety of colors to buy building stones in your projects from Radsam stone co .

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