Corona and Iran’s Mineral Economy


Impact of Corona virus on Iran’s economy and natural stone exporting:
Today, due to the economic war between governments and countries, the occurrence of such issues leads all human thoughts to the economic war between governments, and also if the laboratory presence of the corona virus becomes more obvious.

Corona and Iran's Mineral Economy

While Iran struggled with the return of oppressive US sanctions, and non-oil exports, the budget deficit and compensation were on the rise, concerns have grown with the outbreak of the virus, raising the question that How will the corona virus affect the Iranian economy? Due to the spread of the virus and the closure of the borders of neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, etc., the Iranian economy, which showed signs of improvement, was again threatened.

In 2019, Iran’s economy, which had shrunk, showed little growth in the last three months of the year.

As all guilds were affected by the occurrence and spread of Corona virus in Iran, such as the foreign exchange market, tourism industry, etc. The stone industry, quarries, natural stones and construction machinery were also affected by this virus and with the closure of borders in addition to Significant decline in exports, domestic consumption has also been significantly reduced.

The effects of this virus become more apparent when Iran was on the eve of the New Year and Nowruz celebrations when the virus spread, and these effects multiplied on the economy.

Production of natural stone in Iranian quarries :
In Iran, due to the superiority and having a very beautiful building stone industry with a great variety of colors compared to neighboring countries, the stone industry market has faced a significant reduction in demand and less exports to neighboring countries than in previous years. But despite the oppressive US sanctions on the one hand and the spread of the Corona virus on the other hand, the industry’s exports have been severely damaged and exports have been reduced by a third or even less.
But in the meantime, prominent companies such as radsam stone company, always with good support and high ability to provide services to their regular and large customers, have been affected to a much lesser extent by the special conditions of the society and are always ready to serve customers as well.

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