3D Black Marble


3D Black Marble

3D black marble also known as Golden black is one of the known natural stones in Iran. it is highly used for architectural visualization. The stone has a black color with white and golden veins.it is usually used in special and stylish places like lobbies, elevators, commercial and residential buildings, corridor or parking walls. The black marble can beckon to variation and low water absorption. It is highly recommended to use 3D black Marble for cladding, covering, siding and decorating kitchen, bathroom and it also utilize for luxury planes and projects. The best way to show 3D black marble in house decoration is to use and mix it with white marble. It makes a prominent mixture.
3D black marble has some advantages like:
1- acceptable Hardness and resistance to fire and erosion
2- Suitable use for floors, stairways and interior facings, because of its very low porosity
3- its Beauty and color variety especially in Iran
4- its applicability to modern and classic facings
5- its capability of being polished (during production process)
6- desirable shininess
7- lack of pores
8- its natural stone base and harmless to the human body
9- its adjustability with any other material or decoration
10-High-end texture with unique design to enhance the sense of art
11-Easy installation, low labor cost
12-its Wide use in indoor and outdoor feature wall cladding, covering, siding, decorating
13-its Perfect design for villa, garden, courtyard, country cottage, hotel, restaurant, dining room, shopping mall, office towers, coffee shop, museum, etc.

Marble Resources:
The most popular countries that supply black marble can beckon to Iran, India, Italy and turkey. Iran is one of the richest countries in black marble stone source. Radsam Stone is a well-known in the field of exporting 3D black marble in slab form. the price of it depends on different parameters such as quality, thickness and country of supplier.
Iran has totally 2.165 million ton sources for marbles. Markazi, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Isfahan, Kurdistan are among cities with high sources of marble.

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