We Have Chosen RADSAM With A Purpose In Our Mind!!

We love harmony and care deeply about our business partner, wanting them to feel comfortable and safe in the business relationship.
To us, security means everything from business to financial ones. On this base, we can mediate amazingly well between you and our stone suppliers.
We developed our team talents works best by cooperating with our clients. That is why we love to play well in the world of business. Our teamwork in line with our clients and suppliers bring a win-win situation for both sides.

We prioritize and respect our clients almost in every aspect to prove them our faith and honesty. That is why we would let opportunities pass by sometimes, if it is part of our commitment to our clients. We focus on working for the cause instead of trying to gain personal glory. Serving a cause gives us purpose. We are available for our clients and try to offer the best for any potential problem.

Radssam Stone Company

Radsam Meaning

We are negotiator   with an amazing sense of tact. When developed these two assets will help us get what you want and both sides achieve their goals.

Cooperation is a key aspect of our business  life!

  • R Meaning of Radsam

R in Radsam stands for intelligence that is essence for any international business for upcoming problems.

we use our intelligence to have the right answer at the right time. We always strive to find an excellent result for both sideS and make a win-win situation.

A Meaning of Radsam

The letter A in the name of our company stands for the confidence and the power of sociability we use to boost our relationship with our client by providing good service.

We offer our best potentiality to our clients. That’s why we have put a step forward for friendship and long term cooperation beyond any other issue.  
Your charismatic gesture is very well defined by our client’s level of satisfaction and that is why they stand long with us over these years.  

The letter A in Radsam stands for originality, strength and a spirit of entrepreneurship we search for. we strive for balance in all aspects of our business relation. That allow us to be in line with last updates and changes in commercial terms and conditions. That make Radsam team an excellent adviser if there is a need for advice.

  • D Meaning of Radsam

We put D to display our loyalty and integrity in our commitments we feel on our shoulders. To give the client they are looking for, we will give everything we can  have in commercial terms make it happen.

That is why we never give up  the same persistence  and supportive personality  is quite loyal to us. situations.

You put our talent to help you achieve great success in your business.

 S Meaning of Radsam

Letter S in radsam stands for our caring nature we used in commercial relations. All minds to us is to help our client to achieve the success they want in their business by supplying variety of natural stones. We have your necessary patience and willingness to wait for the right path in commercial trends.

           M Meaning of Radsam

The letter M stands for our hard work we put to follow our clients even after they come to Iran. We also help them with forwarders till we make sure they have those in the destination.
we believe in achieving a long term relation with our clients.
we use whatever we have in our power in supplying a variety of natural stone for our clients.

 For more information, please check our website at: www. radsamstone. com or contact us at: +9899001988815, +989336336154

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