Laybid Porcelain

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Laybid porcelain Crystal stone is one of the highest quality and oldest stones used in the construction industry. Laybid stone mine is located in Isfahan province and the suburbs of Maymeh district. In the past, laybid porcelain stone has been used in various interior and exterior spaces of the building and its processing has been mainly in the form of tiles.
One of the most important and obvious features of Laybid porcelain stone is its exceptional strength, very low water absorption and the ability to create box and box frame frames symmetrically.
Porcelain or limestone crystals have a very high variety of colors and are extracted and processed in light blue, gray, satin and light white colors. Most of the sorts of this stone are processed into very beautiful slabs.

Very high density
Suitable accountability
Very high strength
Proper abrasion resistance
High compressive strength
Small water is very low and insignificant
Resistant to moisture, cold and heat
Suitable price compared to competitors

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