Why to Choose Iran to Buy Natural Stone?


Iran enjoys an international marked advantage when it comes to abundance and variety in supplying stone. In addition, mineral decorative stones make Iran a unique status in the world. An endless supply of various types of decorative stones in Iran makes it easy for different consumers in the international market to make their choices. Exploration and exploitation of hundreds of stone in recent years have unearthed new stone quarries mostly of granite, marble, travertine and other exquisite and multicolored rare stones. Modernization of mines and methods of stone extraction guarantees the supply of quality stones to the international markets.

In terms of reserved decorative and facade stones, Iran is one of the ten grade mining countries worldwide. The production of decorative stones in Iran has reached about 7 million tons of extracted blocks in the recent years.

Iran is ranking the second in the world after Italy for its stone production. The country reserves for stones such as marble, travertine and lime stones are estimated as 40 million tons16. Generally, Iran is listed among the ten countries owing the perfect stone mines in the world. The exact stone reserve in Iran includes travertine, marble, marmarit, and granite.

Iranian stones usually exported to 17 countries such as Dubai, Turkey, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. In previous years, Iran exported to 22 countries in Arab region. Among 95 countries exporting Iranian stones, 50 different countries in north and south of Iran has imported Iranian stones such as Azerbaijan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China, Germany, Armenia, Italy, Bahrain, UAE, Turkmenistan, Kuwait and Malaysia. Iran with 3270 million tons’ absolute reserve of stone mines is able to produce 5 million tons stone annually, and export them to international markets.

Isfahan is the second province with high reserve in Iran.  Isfahan province is the best place to buy Iranian stone with three industrial zones. Moreover, the city of Isfahan is precisely located in Iran’s central, and is mainly focused on mines across Iran. Since Isfahan province has been located in the Zagros Mountains, this has caused the province to be one of the powerful provinces in manufacturing and exporting stone in the country, and for these reasons, it has been able to have a successful and effective presence in regional and global markets. Isfahan, despite having about a quarter of the country`s decorative stone reserves, has the first ranking in the country.

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