Tihou Black

Marbles can be in different kinds, including calcites (from calciferous limestones), dolomites (from dolomitic limestone), serpentines (typically green marbles) and travertines (sedimentary limestone). Each of these is similar in their composition, that being predominantly calcium carbonate, and their capability to take a polish. The stone that is quarried west of Belen in central New Mexico is a travertine marble.

Marble can be found in grey, and white, beige, pink or even green, and black.  Marbles are known for their smooth lines, beautiful veins, smooth surface, which is ideal not only for kitchen countertops but also for flooring, as well as for the bathrooms. In any area, marble will be noticeable due to its natural appearance, giving elegance and luxury to the interior.

Elegant and refined, Tihoo marble is the best-suited one for decorating not only the living spaces but also the office foyers that usually serve as the corporate identity of the company. Moreover, any marbled interior creates a striking effect of luxury, elegance, and reliability.  It is worth mentioning that Tihoo marble, in comparison with other natural stones, is quite an affordable option, which makes it more attractive today for use as construction or facing material.

Tihoo black Marble is a rock widely used in buildings, monuments, and sculptures.  Tihoo Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed from limestone. Tihoo Marble is found in Iran.

Tihoo Marble is formed from limestone under the pressure from the heat of the earth’s crust causing recrystallization. Impurities in the limestone during recrystallization influence the mineral composition of the Tihoo marble. In terms of mining, Tihoo marble cannot be split easily into sheets of equal size and must be mined carefully. Tihoo Marble has long been highly valued for its beauty, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion.

Large blocks of Tihoo marble can be used for columns, floors, and other parts of buildings. Smaller pieces of such marble are crushed or finely ground and used as abrasives in soaps and other products. Crushed or ground Tihoo marble is also used in paving roads and in manufacturing roofing materials and soil treatment products. Tihoo Marbles have similar characteristics to limestones and are typically used on the same applications, though, marbles are almost always more aesthetically valuable and available in a much wider range of colors. Tihoo marbles are suitable for both interior and exterior applications but it should be noted that with today’s environment containing so many pollutants if a polish finish is specified on marble, it will not last.

 We at Radsam stone Company are ready to supply Tihoo block, slab, and tile in large amount for our customers. We have very reliable sources in Iran and our clients are welcome to come to Iran and visit the factory and quarry.

Beyond the pistachio and carpet of Iran, Iran is known as one of the main resources for natural stones. Having our own stockyard, we also can supply Pietra gray block and slab in the large amounts. Travertine tile is the other option we always have on the table for our clients. We hope to see you soon in Iran.

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