Why Radsam’s Iranian Natural Stone ?


RADSAM STONE is a dynamic company that was established in 2015 in order to supply and export different natural stone in blocks, slabs and tiles with various sizes and shapes for projects and foreign buyers and stone markets

Our main goal is to introduce Iranian beautiful stones to all over the world and exporting them to other countries with high quality


Iran has many different marble stone types. There are lots of quarries all around Iran that are extracting marble stone in different colors and patterns. Iran marble stones are widely used to cover the floors inside the buildings. The benefit of the Iran marble is its very low prices


another iranian natural stone is onyx. it has beautiful, translucent and contrasting colors. The colors of onyx are soft and sensuous, bold and beautiful and work best when used under lighting as u can see in the topic’s photo or back lighting to draw attention to these translucent qualities. The bands or lines of contrasting color running throughout the stone contribute to its unique characteristics.


Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, specially hot springs which you can find in Mahallat, Isfahan, Iran. Travertine often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exist in white, tan, cream-colored and even rusty varieties. Key characteristics of Travertine stone are the holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion. :


Granite is a common type of igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. Granite stones are very strong and excellent resistant and also very suitable for stairways and industrial places that are exposed to chemical materials.

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