Types of Marble Tile: Sizes & Shapes


Tiles are most popular in bathroom and kitchen design, but homeowners and designers need not limit them to these applications as tiles can beautify any room.  Tile work can make a space feel larger or, on the contrary, more intimate. They can create an artistic and eclectic feel to interiors. Or, they can transform a space to become more grandly and formal. Ranging from different sizes in tiles and slabs, here are the most common types of marble tile and slabs, as indicated by Better Homes & Gardens. 

Tile:  Often coming in 60 x 30 cm2 , this tiles can create a simply, unified look or can be used to create a pattern with marble tiles of different hues. Small tiles from 30 x 60, 40 x 60 and 40 x 80 cm2 are also very popular for mosaics and murals too .

another sizes including 60 x 60, 40 x 100 and 40 x 120 cm2 are common too and also depends on cusomer’s order, could be vary.

Slab : but for slabs depends on the block size and can be vary

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