Tiles of naturality! The best natural stone tiles working well for your project

Beige Travertine

Natural stone tiles can work well almost for every project seeking beauty and durability. Having such qualities, natural stone tiles can be the best option for any part of the building including staircases, walls, floors and also countertops. Among all naturals tone tiles, here are the suggestions to choose the best for your project:

Marble Tiles

Marble has formed the result of intense heat and pressure through the movements of the earth’s crust. It can be a good option for your project if you seek unrivaled prestige in appearance for your project. It’s worth mentioning that the kind of finishing process can deeply spice the appearance and charm of the project. Marble tile has a high variety of colors, kinds, and finishes and can fit well with almost every designer’s taste.

Marbles are very durable and very hard to scratch or scuff. They are very resistant to moisture and can be cleaned very easily. To clean the surface of marbles, you can use crayons with soapy clothes. That absolutely wipe everything of the stone surface. Try to clean the surface of marble as quickly as possible especially when acidic substances like juice or wine spill on them for the long term. Among all the finishing processes, the polished marble is also too slippery and not good to be used in high traffic places.

Pietra Gray Marble

Granite: Best Choice For Countertop

Like marble, granite is great in look. However, its formation is way different from marble. Granite is made of compressed quartz, mica, feldspar, and other tough materials. Comparing to marbles, granite is more durable and harder. To clean the surface of the granite, a soapy cloth can work well. Both honed and polished granite can work well for different parts of a construction. For example, the polished granite is the ideal choice for the countertop while the honed one works well for floors. Comparing, to other forms of granite-like slabs, granite tiles are most cost consuming and cheaper than other natural stones such as marbles.

Granite Project

Travertine: An Ideal Choice

Travertine is a special kind of limestone which have mineral spring deposits. Comparing to limestone, the surface of the travertine is not that smooth. And it is part of its nature to see holes. The color of travertine ranges from pale beige and tan to darker rust and brown shades. Travertine tiles give prestige look to space and even overtimes, the weathering of the travertine is what many favors. It mainly works well in indoor rather than outdoor since it is very fragile to the constant weather changes. Especial care should be given to travertine upon installation to avoid spills in pores by using barrier surface sealants.

Travertine Project

Limestone: Elegant Choice

Limestones are formed from calcium-rich materials at the bottom of ocean-like shells and bones. Under pressure, they are crystallized and form very stylish surfaces. Limestone has a very appealing rustic and softer look compared to marble and granite. They also have great structural integrity. Since limestones are quite porous, they definitely need sealing annually to reduce liquid absorption. Also, the sealing process can help to resist scratching. Limestone is mainly used for suit high-traffic areas and damp places, such as bathrooms and pool areas. In order to clean the surface of the limestone, you can sweep and mop them with a limestone cleaner.

Limestone Project
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