The Influence of Covid-19 on the Export from Iran

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No need to say that the spread of covid-19 in the world has caused many problems especially the economic and financial ones. The sudden increase of the number of unemployed people in developed countries like United States and England proves this claim. In developing countries like Iran, the issue of sanction has worsened the situation in Iran in fighting corona virus in Iran. Interesting, Iran, comparing to other developed countries, has powerful health medical system.

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Although U.S. US has claimed that food and drug have not been sanctioned, Iran’s access to foreign goods including drug and medical equipment has strongly become limited; Obviously, a violation of international regulations.

 With all these issues Iran has to deal, still its borders are open to export the most known materials like natural stones. According to the, Iran has imported 1.71 million tons of non-oil goods worth $1.91 billion were imported into Iran from Feb. 18, 2020. It has been reported that Iran exported 4.11 million tons of non-oil goods worth $1.28 billion over the same period, registering a 20% decline in weight and a 30% decrease in value year-on-year. 

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Although there are many confusions over the sanction and recently corona virus in Iran can be new path for exporting natural stones. Iran has done a great in dealing sanctions or avoiding sanctions. Presently, Iran has used different strategies to deal with corona virus. In the new approach to break the circle of corona virus and principles of social distance, Iran has preferred to open new business with low risk not to allow the economic collapse completely in the country. Besides the negative aspects of corona virus, Iran has started to think of exporting the exportable materials to other countries which are less involved with corona virus. These countries have been recently added to the list of the countries to which Iran can export natural stones.

Pietra Gray Marble

Radsam Stone Company has already been ready  to export its natural stones such as marble especially Tihoo, Pietra Gray, Black Marqina, Brown marble and  travertine especially honey travertine among all other materials available.

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