The best stone for the floor of the building


Building stones are the main item and the most popular building materials for execution and design of the floor of the hall due to a wide range of reasons such as variety of colors, unique texture, long durability, easy installation and…
The different types of stones that are used for the floor of a building or yard are listed below :

The best stone for the floor of the building

  • Granite
  • marble
  • onyx

Granite Floor:

Due to its dense texture and lack of porosity, it has little adhesion to the facade of the building, and due to the dangers of separating it from the facade, it must be used with special precautions, so the best option for using granite stones is floor. Carpets are parking spaces, yard floors and stairwells, and in general, carpet floors are busy and educational spaces such as universities, which need the most resistance and strength against abrasion. This stone is also mostly used for traditional and ancient designs for paving the floor of the hall. Due to the physical properties of granite, the use of this stone is not suitable for the floor stone of residential units and radiotherapy centers.

Granite roughing is very desirable and emphasized for use on the floor of outdoor spaces. (For this, in addition to the axing method, several other methods can be used. For example, the sandblast method, but if we want to increase the roughness depth of the floor stone, instead of sand blast, we can use shot plastic in this method, granite stone They put a shot in the blast machine and by turning on the machine, the pieces of granite roll together with metal balls and the surface of the granite is attacked with metal balls and the surface of the stone becomes rough and the amount of this roughness depends on the amount of stay. The stones inside the device are different).

Marble Floor

Among the different types of stone, the best type of stone is marble flooring, which is mostly used in residential and commercial buildings. But for commercial and office places, high quality marble should be used, because these places have more footprint than the home space, and in addition, the floor surface of such places is not covered by carpets and rugs, and for this purpose, one of the most durable types of marble. Which can be recommended is the marble of Lashotor(pietra grey) and Thoo black and Khoy and the marble of Khosansangan and … .

The best marble for use in the floor of the hall is Dehbid marble, Khoy marble, Namin marble, Khobsangan marble, Abadeh marble, Salsali marble and Faraz marble. Due to the large amount of lime, it is not suitable for use on the floor.

Keep in mind that you should always save a few tiles of the installed paving stone after finishing the work, because if the paving stones need to be repaired in the future, the stone with the same design and color may not be found !!!

One of the processes that can be applied to the final surface of the stone is the process of “hounding”, during which the stone is not completely polished and instead of a glossy surface, it has a matte surface. These types of stones are used for the floor of the building and its advantage is to prevent slipping.

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Onyx Floor

In the past, kings and Caesars wanted marble floor stones for their magnificent mansions, and today many people still prefer this stone to cover the floors of their homes. Although marble is harder and more flexible than travertine, more care is needed to maintain it. This stone scratches very quickly and stains quickly, but it is a stone with personality and identity that gives the building a special beauty and glory that no other element is able to do.

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For paving outdoor spaces (landscaping) Chinese(crystal) stones or cheap granite (film granites) such as Natanz white granite, Mashhad pearl, Nehbandan and all kinds of waveless travertine, because in these outdoor spaces more resistance stone must be resisted. It can withstand pressure and impact, and it is recommended to use marble for indoor spaces, which must be used in high-quality public places.

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