Pietra Gray Marble Quarry in Iran

Pietra Gray

Pietra Gray marble, known as Shakespeare Marble internationally and Lashotor locally, is among the most known marbles in the world. Pietra Grey Marble quarries which are located in south of Isfahan and very close to city, have provided this possibility that this stone with strong distinctive white veins in different directions and thicknesses which is highly resistant, very low water absorbent and beautiful to be installed as step treads and interior walls, can be used in most of the monuments in Isfahan city. The quarry has about 360,000 tons of capacity for the next 10 years. Pietra gray slab can be produced in 2 and 3 thickness. The use of Pietra Gray Marble for the façade of buildings is not recommended since its black color changes to grey due to sunlight. One of the disadvantages of this building stone is the accumulation of dark veins that may be evacuated during the time destroys the beautiful look of stone.

pietra Gray Marble Slab
Pietra Gray Marble Slab

Processing Kinds of Black Pietra Grey Marble can be as follow:

  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled
  • Polished

Pietra gray slab is used in the innovative architectural designs for the conference saloon, ritual spaces, corridors, etc. it is also used in restrooms and baths since it gives a special appearance to space. Recently, Pietra Gray slab has found its fame among European innovative designs and has been used widely in conjunction with other marbles.

The price for Pietra Gray blocks depends on many different factors. Some of the blocks have internal cracks, some other have burnt stains, chain lines or lighter in color compared to other Pietra Gray blocks; that leads the supplier of Pietra Gray blocks to offer a very low price for such blocks. Although, our company, Radsamstone, has gathered a collection of the best Pietra Gray blocks in its stockyard and offers you the Pietra gray blocks with the most cost consuming price.; that is, the prices for Pietra gray blocks are in line with the quality of blocks. We used the same blocks, chosen very carefully and cautiously from the quarry, to produce the Pietra Gray slabs.

Having our own quarry and stockyard in Iran, we can supply Pietra Gray blocks and slab in large amounts. we have already exported Pietra Gray blocks and slabs to other countries including Italy, India, and China among others. Since we can supply Pietra Gray block and slabs in different qualities with logical prices, our clients always have been satisfied with the variety of options they have in choosing Pietra Gray block and slabs.

Besides Pietra Gray marble, we can supply Tihoo marble as well. Tihoo marble is new marble with almost the properties like Piera Gray marble. Tihoo marble also can be supplied in block and slab forms and has very high assistance and low water absorption. We can offer you Tihoo marble as an alternative material for your project and market. You can personally come to Iran and pay a visit to our factory and quarry.

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