Blue Onyx

With deeply forged within the earth’s crust, natural materials like granite, quartz turn into onyx. Onyx forms from  calcite-full spring water or groundwater dissolved in it. To form onyx, the water emerges at the mouth of a spring, the mineral gathered and build a crust of calcite crystals. While calcite is mixed with impure materials  makes variations in the layers of onyx.

Among all colors of onyx, warm honey color is the most common color. Every layer of onyx has been made by subtle variations in the spring water. In fact, each slab of onyx is  made by slicing down into the layers, revealing thousands years of deposits.


Onyx can be found in a variety of colors. For busy kitchen, onyx cant be a good option because as it seems it is fragile stone. As you may have guessed, onyx is a somewhat fragile stone. Since it can be scratched and etched easily and hard to be cleaned an kept away of all scratches. Although onyx is fragile in nature, may high-end restaurants and resorts use onyx bar tops to  echo the feeling of freshness and brilliance into the space. Onyx can be also used in back splashes, vanities, or as accent tiles.

Onyx can be produced in block, slab and tiles and can be used to form basins, lighting fixtures, or tabletops. The reason for such uses is clearly related to the spectacular quality of onyx to radiate light.  For decades before marbles, onyx has been the most applicable stone especially one can sense the play of colors in such a unique natural stone. Onyx reminds us that natural materials are unparalleled in their artistry. In this case, the stone is a collaboration of three simple ingredients: water, minerals, and time.

Among all other colors, white onyx with that spectacular crystalline background play with everyone’s soul especially with those suggestive waves plow through its structure.this quality inspire many architects to play with the unique appearance of the white onyx for designing interior spaces , luxury places such as hotels, bathrooms, kitchens,  showers, lobby wall of the halls, the lobby floor of hotels, the toilets and stone artifacts.


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