More Interesting Usage of Travertine Tile

Beige Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone with many good technical properties and large qualities with various finishing processes and different rage of color. These properties make travertine one of the most commonly used natural stones in the world.

1. Foyers and Hallways

For halls, and foyers, travertine is a good choice and can get a sense of class to the proceeding. It works well in offices and other commercial spaces. This can help you secure a very important asset, particularly when you’re installing in offices and other commercial spaces.

2. Bathroom Vanity Tops

Travertine is also used for the bathroom and such surfaces. It can have different kinds of finishing and color that help to give an astounding look to the surfaces.  It is very common to use travertine as mosaics that work well for wall coverings, as well as basins or shower trays.

travertine project
travertine project

3. Tub Surrounds and Shower Cladding

It is recommended to use travertine for cladding and surrounding. Travertine works well on the exterior cladding. Travertine with various finishing processes to give a great view of the surrounding. It can be seen that travertine tile can work well in this area and have a high-end effect to display the beauty of the place.

4. Main Living Areas

Usually, travertine is not used on the floor but it can be used as the floor surface in the living room in warm places to cool and calm the underfoot.

travertine project
Travertine project

5. Bedrooms

Similarly, in a warm place, it can be used as a ticket to cool the place and having a cooler floor on hot summer nights. Travertine also gives us a sense of is just the let’s not forgotten the subtle decorative advantages that go along with installing travertine tile in a bedroom, with earthy tones that seem to naturally help occupants to unwind after busy days. For the Travertine polished and with resin filling, flooring is a great choice of application. Its uniform beige-colored vein is very suitable and brings a natural warmth and life to any interior area. It is a very common application.

6. Kitchens

To give a different appearance to the kitchen, you can use travertine in the kitchen. It will give the kitchen a comfortable and earthy atmosphere that can make all the difference to the whole property.  Enter the unique color range and sense of permanence that travertine can deliver.

8. Driveways

Travertine pavers add extra beauty and make the driveways look interesting to people’s eyes.  Travertine also work well on the patio and decking areas and gives a subtle pattern and neutral colors that are perfect for contrasting deck furniture

9. Pool Surrounds Perfect for the Imperial look that you’ve achieved in your bath areas inside, travertine is also applicable outside.  Put on your water wings and take the plunge!

10-Interior decoration

The warm beige color and natural vein of the Travertine Classic is very appreciated for interior decoration applications. Here, it is very common to find this travertine on hotels, private homes, where the natural and warm feeling is key.
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