Mining and its importance in the economic growth and industry of countries


Before we talk specifically about stone mining, let’s look at the general meaning of mining. Mining is a place where all kinds of metals and stones that have economic value are stored. mining also involves the extraction of valuable minerals or other materials from land and mines. The history of exploitation, discovery of mines, smelting of minerals and extraction of metals from them dates back to ancient times. Minerals include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, coal, diamonds, lime, salt, potash, and the like. In general, any material that cannot be obtained through agriculture or artificial construction in the laboratory and factory is usually obtained through mining.

Economic and technical conditions and the ability to access the deposit are among the factors that cause the division of mines into open and surface and underground mines. Mines or quarries supply raw materials to a large part of the industry. For example, if the steel industry, cement, stone industry, lead and zinc factories and the like are profitable in the country, it is the main supplier of raw materials due to the existence of numerous mining activities.

That is why mining is so important in the economy, and mining is one of the most important assets for a country, and mining is one of the most important factors in promoting industrial self-sufficiency, creating productive employment and increasing gross domestic product.

Iran has 7 World Mines With its rich mineral reserves, Iran has become known as the world’s mining paradise and has been able to attract the attention of many investors in this field over the past decades. . the value of Iran’s mines is estimated at $ 700 billion, which will increase if invested.

Stone quarries

معادن سنگ

quarry is a place where , stone, aggregate, carcass stone, sand, gravel or slab stone is extracted from the ground. The difference between stone quarries and open pit mines is that open pit mines produce building materials and quarries, but in general, stone quarries and open pit mines are the same, from which all kinds of minerals are extracted. A stone quarry is also called an underground quarry

here is some of more important stones in Iran:

  • Onyx
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Sand stone
  • Travertine
  • Limestone and etc

Some of the most important stone quarries in Iran :

In Iran, several stone quarries are known. Only some of them have been studied.

But some of the best and most important stone quarries in Iran, along with the type of they extracted material are:

  • Pietra grey (lashotor) marble Ouarry
  • Thoo black marble Quarry
  • Aligudarz crystal marble Quarry
  • ghorveh saiman white Quarry
  • dehbid marble Quarry
  • laybid crystal Quarry
  • joshaghan marble Quarry and etc

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