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Natural stone comes in several varieties and is mined from the earth. Natural stones can be used for indoor and outdoor projects and add a worldly feel to any space. We at Radsam Stone Company are committed offering our clients the most elegant, beautiful, trendy, fun and unique, yet comfortable and functional products available in today’s market.

We hope to develop long lasting clients and relationships with the people of the community around the world. We will settle for no less than 100% satisfaction for our clients, and we strive to make every customer satisfied with our friendly customer service, quality production and supply.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied. That is why we encourage our customers to hand-select their own slabs , blocks and tiles personally by travelling to Iran.  We can supply slabs, blocks and tiles for a variety of natural stones. You can check the availability of our materials at: www.


WhatsApp:+989900988815, +989336336154

Our sale team are  available to answer questions and guide our customers through the purchase process. We offer great customer service, great quality products, fast turn-around time in logistics and purchasing process, and we are still able to offer competitive price.

We provide our customers with the highest quality, economically priced natural stone products available on the market today.We supply natural stone from quarries across Iran. By supplying in large quantities, we are sure to have your natural stone available for our clients around the world.

Our business practices stand for quality, service, and customer satisfaction.  We value our customer relationships and always intend to build and keep true partnerships with our clients.


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