Knowing Pietra Gray from Isfahan Better!


Knowing Pietra Gray from Isfahan better!
Pietra gray is categorized as a kind of marble or “marmarit”, known in Iran.
Generally, marble is formed as the result of metamorphic pressure and heat on limestone. Particularly, pietra gray marble has muddy’ Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout due to such metamorphic pressures. Due to its neutral and on-trend color and also hardness, it is generally used for interior and exterior facing.
In terms of designing, it is generally used to decor bathroom and kitchen. Iran is a good source for pietra gray marble. It is also suggested by architects and building designers because of its unique and luxurious design.
Many of pietra gray quarries are located in Isfahan. we have a long term relationship with quarry owners and also years of experience in exporting pietra gray marble to countries like Italy (from where they are re-exported to countries like America) and Lebanon.
We can supply pietra gray marble in block and slab forms. the worldwide fame of pietra gray in countries like China, reflect some of good features of this kind of marmarit such as desirable hardness and resistance to fire and erosion, its use for floor, staircases, bathrooms, kitchens (interior facing) due to its stunning look and porosity, its beauty and color variety in Iran, its use for both modern and classic facings, its capability for being polished during production process, its desirable shiness, lack of pores and its low water absorption and is very durable against heat and cold, and can be used in all conditions. All these advantages make pietra gray to be considered as the bestselling choice for the civil market and exporting.
It is not suggested for the interior since its black color changes to grey due to sunlight. Moreover, the accumulation of dark veins that may be evacuated during the time and destroys the beautiful look of stone. generally, pietra gray can be processed as sandblasted, bush hammered, honed, brushed, tumbled and polished.
The main sources for pietra gray are located in Markazi, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Isfahan, and Kurdistan. It’s worth mentioning that pietra gray marble is known as ” Lashotor marmarit” in Iran.
We actually have two pietra Gray quarries. our good services to our customers have put our company among the best suppliers of natural stone in Iran.
We can offer you pietra gray with competitive price and high quality. Like our client from Italy, you can come to Iran and inspect the materials personally.
In the following, the pictures of pietra gray block and also loading the cargo for our client from Italy. our quarry has a good capacity for pietra gray.


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