Honed Marble VS Polished Marble Continued…


Sealing is important for both honed and polished marble. Unlike polished marble, honed marble needs more sealing due to having more porosity on its surface. Polished marble is slightly more resistant to staining as its porosity has been reduced by many additional rounds of polishing.

Polished or Honed for Decors?

Unlike polished marble, honed marble is ideal for a certain kind of design aesthetics. It is not as showy as the polished ones but can. It, unlike polished marble, it doesn’t draw the attention much.  However. It can be a perfect choice for organic, natural looks and spice up the war neutral background of the building. It is mostly used for and looks better at Western and beachy styles.

Polished marble, unlike honed marble, polished marble is more an ideal option for the slavish and showy look. Due to its shininess, it can be used for luxe fixtures and ornate lighting. Its appearance makes it perfect for standing alone as a decorative element.  Many halls and grand homes used polished marble to cover the surface. Polished marble can be seen also as an ideal option for modern design.

Polished Pietra Gray Marble

Honed Pietra Gray Marble

A Combination of Honed and Polished Marble

The combination works well per se. the polished shiny part draws the attention while the same honed part makes that shiny boldness deeper in front of the eyes.

Caring Polished and Honed Marble

There are some basics that work well for all marbles

  • Always use cutting boards to protect surfaces from staining, and also knives from damage
  • Try to clean the surface of the stone as soon as possible and no spills and food debris remain on the surface
  • Try to use a gentle cleanser to lean the surface with warm water
  • Avoid using some natural cleaners containing lemon juice or vinegar. Because these are both too acidic to be used on natural stone surfaces and can destroy the surface over the years
  • Consider the suggestion of the installer for sealing the surface over a certain period of time.

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