An Update on Covid-19 not 20!

Corona Virus

As it appears to the world, corona virus comes to every life and home in no time. It spreads from North to South, East to West with no worry in its mind and heart what it is doing to human’s life. In fact, it doesn’t care much! with all the confusion, it has brought with itself to everyone. No one can define Corona virus any boundary or person. It took anyone who ignores it in the worse than any miserable way one can imagine. The only way is to stay home and think twice or even three times! Corona virus has done many bad things in this world, but it has good side too. Although it caused all death it could cause and is still causing, watching groups of people united in one country with any race, sex or religious belief make us wonder we are still having that human’s gene in our blood. The most outstanding example of such unification can be seen among doctors and nurses who sacrifice their lives to save others. Although Corona virus has shaken the world in a way nothing has shaken before, and put many businesses to end, it makes many to think more about the value of their lives. We at Radsam Stone Company like other  businesses around the world wish the best for the most valuable and respected staffs in the world now and we wish the best happen to people in the world.

Medical Staffs in Hospital, Iran

 With all this unbelievable contagious nature of Corona virus in hand, we are still up and on to do our best to be with our business and clients. It seems like it is a must to stay home and stay safe. We at Radsam Stone Company look it as a chance to be closer to our clients and to echo the fact that it doesn’t matter what country one belongs to, what does matter is how we behave each other when it comes to human’s threats. So, be conscious more about poor people, injustices, manslaughter and war. it is the only real war all people have not against each other or other countries but against a shared threat as Corona virus.  

Stay home, stay safe!

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