A review of the situation of production and trade of building stones in Iran


  • Iran, backed by 68 types of minerals and identified reserves of approximately 60 billion tons of position
    It is located in the world. Among these, the country’s decorative stone mines are good in terms of diversity and quality in the world.
    Has been made.
  • Iran’s stone reserves in the first place in terms of diversity of building stones and in terms of production and extraction are among the top seven countries in the world
  • In general, the volume of building stone reserves in the world reaches 15 billion tons, of which Iran has 4 billion tons.
    It has been extracted and about 25 million tons of it is extracted annually and about 5% of it is exported.
  • Therefore, geographical location, abundance and diversity has caused Iran to have a good potential in international markets.
    Enjoy. Iran has rich reserves of travertine, marble, onyx and granite.
  • Despite all the advantages of the country’s building stones compared to other countries in the world, however, Iran’s share of
    The global stone exchange market is less than 3%.
  • Production of decorative stones in the country in 1995 amounts to 15.5 million tons of stone, which compared to 1394, a growth of 18
    According to customs statistics, the value of decorative stone exports reached $ 270 million last year.
    Which shows a growth of 35% compared to 1994.
  • Iran’s stone industry is one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurship, job creation and economy. This industry
    Having thousands of industrial units in the country, including mines and stone-cutting factories, directly or employed
    The products of this industry in various structures, indirectly, can play a decisive role in economic equations
    Country to play.
  • Iran has very rich reserves of precious and semi-precious decorative stones, while decorative stones
    They can play an important role in urban planning, architecture and urban furniture, but the culture of using this product still
    It is not universally created.
  1. In the meantime, the amount of reserves and variety of decorative stones is very significant, and considering about 4 billion tons of reserves
    Known (about a quarter of the world’s reserves), Iran ranks first in the world in terms of the variety of reserves and in terms of production
    And the extraction ranks seventh in the world and also in terms of the quality of decorative stones is among the 12 leading countries in the world.
  2. Raw stone production in recent years has been such that Iran is the second largest producer in the world
    From Italy, but for various reasons does not have a good position in the world market and a share of about 12% of
    Global stone exports confirm this.
  3. Iran is poor in terms of productivity and exploitation in the field of mining, but is one of the richest countries in terms of mineral reserves.
    The world is considered.
  4. More than 1,300 construction stone mines, 6,000 stone cutting factories and 2,000 related industries in Iran
    There are such as tool makers, vendors, machine builders and..
  5. The projected target for the country’s stone exports in 1996 is $ 128 million.

This table below shows amount of exporting in 2015

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