A Day with Our Client in Pietra Gray Stockyard in Iran


To build a long-time relationship with the clients in the natural stone industry is a time-consuming task. Plus, there are many points that must be considered during the procedure of introducing the company, products and also the way the agreement works between the client and the supplier of natural stones.

In fact, many promises and agreements happen before the clients personally come to Iran. almost all issues like the shipping line by which the carriage will happen. The kind of block, slab or tile the client is looking for and also even the final price has been discussed and solved before the clients confirm to come to Iran.

 There are many points that must be considered before the client comes to Iran including the hotel to stay, the days/he will be in Iran and also the places including the factory, quarries and sightseeing places that intended to be seen by the clients’ visit in Iran. Moreover, during the clients’ visit to Iran, our export manager escorted the client in all his or her visits to his/ her visit from different places. Ven dealing with providing meals and comfort of the client at the time of visit from Iran.

Depending on the clients’ demand, hotel booking can be done by the company as well. Some clients prefer a comfort place and don’t care much about facilities. But mostly, they care about other things like the quality of meals and services in the hotels. So. We always offer them the best hotels in terms of quality, services, and prices.


In terms of choosing materials, the client can come to the factory, or stockyard to choose the block or slab. they come and mark the blocks and choose what fits their own clients or market. Actually, our main job started exactly from when the clients choose his/her materials whether, slab, block or tile.

All the issues related to the shipping line, taking container for loading, doing payment for shipping, carrying the materials to port also tracking money transfer to our own account and also tracking the cargo until the client has it in the destination port. As it is clear it is a time-consuming process that takes time and also can be challenging but the result is always satisfying and this why our clients stay with us for a long time.

Presently, we are working with 8 main suppliers of Pietra gray blocks and also have our own stockyard.  Recently, we have taken a bi step in supplying Tihou blocks and we can supply Pietra gray and Tihou blocks in large amounts. In addition, travertine is originated in Iran. Travertine tiles are also can be supplied in large amounts.

For more information please check our website at www. Radsamstone.com. You can also reach us by WhatsApp and also social networks. The link for each has been mentioned as follow:

https://www.facebook.com › stoneradsam

https://ir.linkedin.com › radsam-stone-486057180



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