A Look at Pietra Gray Slab In Our Factory

pietra gray

Radsam Stone Company has been supplying and exporting Pietra Gray marble since 2015. We mainly focus on supplying Pietra Gray Marble (block and slab), granite, onyx, and travertine (tile). Pietra Grey or Grey Pietra is also known as gray marble is one of the most popular Iranian (Persian) natural stones. Pietra gray marble can be provided in slab and block form in different qualities and sizes based on your market and project. Pietra Gray Marble with special effects and beauty with gray and block warm color together with white veins has been provided in high and varied product lines in Isfahan as slab and block.

Pietra Gray surface has been covered with a black grayish background and white layers. It is among the most known Iranian marbles in the world. Additionally, Pietra Gray marble has various qualities and sizes. That is why Pietra gray can work with almost every project and can satisfy every architect or designer’s taste. Generally, lobbies and interior are among the most important places for which Pietra gray is used. On the other hand, it gives the luxuries look to every surface and decorative item. Pietra Gray can be used for places like villas, yachts, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shopping, cruise, and building.

Even Pietra Gray marble with one trend color is the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. In terms of aestheticism, it is the first choice for many interior designers, this marble is a great option for that standout bathroom or kitchen. Petra gray slab has been supplied in honed and polished finishes.

Our major customers are the USA, Russia, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Qatar, Oman, and Turkey. The high advantage of Pietra Gray Marble is its application in the world’s leading projects, including clubs (because of dark colors and white lines and harmony with light dance), the crowded business centers and many other spaces.

 Having our own stockyard, you can personally come and visit Iran and inspect the materials.  Our clients’ personal visit from our stockyard and factory is welcome at any time. They inspect the materials personally. your personal visit from our stockyard and fruitful. Visiting the facility and production lines of the factory, stockyard, and other parts can determine the capacity of our factory and stockyard in supplying Pietra Gray blocks and slabs. Rasam Stone Company guarantees the good quality of the stones supplied. To have a constant relationship with our client. We have already working for different forwarder companies which is very helpful within the process of shipping and customs clearance. Even after our client’s inquiry is ready to be loaded, we still stay side by side to make sure our client has their order safe and sound in the destination port.  We are available on WhatsApp: +989900988815, +989336336154. Also. You can check our website: http://radsamstone.com/. You can see a variety of materials available on our website. We are also available on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

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