WHY DO WE CALL IT Granite?!!!


Generally, the names of stone reflect what they actually are. any hard stone that is not marble canbe called garanite! weird but tru!
Usually, the stones with similar properties, and similar minerals can be put in the same category. So, donot be suprised to see igneous rocks, plus gneiss and schist are all called granite.
For Geologists, granite has 4 minerals feldspars, quartz, mica, and hornblende. The feldspars can be white, light grey, and/or pink. Quartz is usually glassy grey, the mica is black or silver flakes, and hornblende looks like black rectangles.

The stone has a light color and a chunky texture that contains all of the colors evenly distributed.
Scientifically speaking, garnite is defined as an intrusive ignos rock structure with crystalized grains with varipouse degrees of sodic alkali Feldspar and Quartz and sometimes with lesser amounts of Mica, Hornblende and Pyroxene.

Iran is most famous sources for its Marble, Travertine and specially Onyx rocks. however, in the recent decade, precious resources of high quality Granite with
various colors such as red, black, dark/light green, white and pink have been discovered. the main sources of graanite are extracted in areas of “West Azerbaijan”, “East Azerbaijan”, “Isfahan”, Sistan and Baluchestan” and “Lorestan”.

Since granites are rigid and dense, they are highly used in consttruction. Granite rocks are very impermeable and resistant to impact so they can withstand industrial settings. high temperatures turn the surfaces of granite into a flamed condition due to the difference between thermal expansion coefficients of the different crystals. in order to give a pleasing views, Granite usually is used with polished and flamed surfaces simultaneously in buildings.

In terms of cost, Granite stone is relatively expensive because of the extensive costs of extraction, cutting and polishing. Granites also are used to make pavement. It is worth mentioning granites have radioactive property that can not be used in some special places like settings with X or Gamma radiation, strong magnetic
fields or in the presence of strong chemicals.

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