Honed Marble VS Polished Marble Continued…

Pietra Gray

Sealing is important for both honed and polished marble. Unlike polished marble, honed marble needs more sealing due to having more porosity on its surface. Polished marble is slightly more resistant to staining as its porosity has been reduced by many additional rounds of polishing.

Polished or Honed for Decors?

Unlike polished marble, honed marble is ideal for a certain kind of design aesthetics. It is not as showy as the polished ones but can. It, unlike polished marble, it doesn’t draw the attention much.  However. It can be a perfect choice for organic, natural looks and spice up the war neutral background of the building. It is mostly used for and looks better at Western and beachy styles.

Polished marble, unlike honed marble, polished marble is more an ideal option for the slavish and showy look. Due to its shininess, it can be used for luxe fixtures and ornate lighting. Its appearance makes it perfect for standing alone as a decorative element.  Many halls and grand homes used polished marble to cover the surface. Polished marble can be seen also as an ideal option for modern design.

Polished Pietra Gray Marble

Honed Pietra Gray Marble

A Combination of Honed and Polished Marble

The combination works well per se. the polished shiny part draws the attention while the same honed part makes that shiny boldness deeper in front of the eyes.

Caring Polished and Honed Marble

There are some basics that work well for all marbles

  • Always use cutting boards to protect surfaces from staining, and also knives from damage
  • Try to clean the surface of the stone as soon as possible and no spills and food debris remain on the surface
  • Try to use a gentle cleanser to lean the surface with warm water
  • Avoid using some natural cleaners containing lemon juice or vinegar. Because these are both too acidic to be used on natural stone surfaces and can destroy the surface over the years
  • Consider the suggestion of the installer for sealing the surface over a certain period of time.

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The difference Between Honed and Polished Finishing Process

Pietra Gray Marble

There are many different kinds of finishing for natural stones. Among all, there is always a similarity between honed and polished ones. In both kinds of finishing, the beauty and true nature of the stone slab doesn’t change at all. But the finishing process may add an extra layer on the stone which adds to secure the surface of slabs against stains or camouflage.

The similarity between the honed and polished finishing

A polished finish slab has a very glossy surface and can reflect light and display the color and veins of the stone better.in fact, the polish finish adds up the beauty of the slab and put more emphasis on the natural characteristics of the stone. While in a honed finish slab, a relatively little reflection of light can be seen. To the eyes, a honed finish seems flatter. Additionally, the degree of honing highly depends on the stone, but it may depend on the kind of stone.

The process to create both honed and polished marble is similar. The honed marble is achieved by polishing with gritty abrasives until the surface is smooth to the eye, but still has many small flaws that prevent a shiny appearance. All polished marbles are honed first. After being honed, polished marble is sanded with smaller and smaller abrasives until surface flaws are removed and the marble is a smooth as possible.

Polished Finish

Consider your marketplace:

Depending on the market you have, both honed and finish markets can work for you. In the market with an emphasis on durability, lack of scratches and etches, the honed finish can work well.  Besides, in honed finish slabs, the surface is less slippery when they are wet. Therefore, they are a better choice for bathroom flooring and staircases.

Honed Characteristics:

Comparing to a polished finish, honed one has already matte and scratches are usually camouflaged or go unnoticed.

Polished Characteristics:

In the polished finish, due to the kind of finishing process and protective layers on the stone, they are less susceptible to stains. However, it doesn’t mean that you can let the stains stay on the countertop overnight.

Honed and Polished Finishes: Stain Resistance

When properly sealed, both honed and polished finishes are stain-resistant. There is no such thing as a stain-proof sealer. If stains are high on your list of concerns, there are a few things to be considered.

A polished finish on a stone is essentially an added layer of security to protect from stains. The process in which a stone is polished helps to close natural pores and create a protective barrier. On the other hand, the pores in a smoothed, honed stone are more receptive to liquid. Side by side, a polished stone surface will have more protection from stains than a honed surface; however, a proper sealer will help to close in open pores and provide stain resistance against most household items.

In brief, the features of honed and polished finishing can be summarized as follow:

Honed stones:

Looks: Matte

Feel: Velvet/Satin

Durability: Scratch resistant, but easily stained.

Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and mild detergent, clean up spills immediately, re-sealing suggested over time.

Suggested Application: Countertops and high traffic areas, such as floors for the bathroom, foyer, or living room.

 Polished stones:

Look: Glossy & Shiny

Feel: Smooth

Durability: Scratch and etch easily, but more stain-resistant.

Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and mild detergent, clean spills immediately.

Suggested Application: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, and walls.

What is Sandstone?!!


Sandstone can be described as a kind of sedimentary rock that is formed under the river, lakes, and oceans. In other words, sandstone is formed usually forms on buried or laid down sands. this usually happens offshore from river deltas, desert dunes, and beaches. can be found in sandstone, although the energetic environments where sand beds form doesn’t always favor preservation.

Due to a deeply buried process, the pressure from high temperature causes the materials dissolved and become mobile. These grains will finally bound together and sediment become smaller. when material moves into the sediment, as the result of dissolved materials some fluid is made. That fluid moves the materials forwards. Due to oxidation, the color changes to darker and grey ones. 

In terms of composed mineral particles, Sandstone is very like the quartz. In ancient times, it is usually used for building facing and paving. Sandstone as a perfect material for buildings and exterior. Because of the resistance to Weather, sandstone is a good option to be used for the exteriors like paving, building facing, interior walls, garden benches, patio tables and also swimming pool edges. 

Some Examples of Sandstone Architecture

 Sandstone has good characteristics that make it a perfect choice for the architecture to use in their projects. Among all, natural strength, durability and split resistant properties are some to mention. A very good example of sandstone is The White House of the United States. Two kinds of materials can be seen in sediment particles of sandstone: matrix and cement. Matrix can be defined as the fine-grained stuff in the sediment along with the sand while it is the cement that binds the sediment into rock.

Depending on the percent of sandstone, sandstone can be divided into two groups. Those sandstones with hight percent of rock are called wacke or wacky (dirty). That sandstone with a lot of matrices is called poorly sorted. Those sandstones with a little matrix are called well-sorted.  Also, this well-sorted sandstone with little cement is called arenites (or clean). Moreover, a sandstone with at least 25 percent feldspar is called arkose. Also, a sandstone formed of volcanic particles is called tuff.

It is clear that the particle size in sandstone can define the quality of the stone. On the other hand, minerals play a great role to define the quality of sandstone. The sandstone cam has different colors. The color highly depends on the mix of matrix and cement and its color can range from nearly white to nearly black, with gray, brown, red, pink and buff in between.

Minerals of Sandstone

What can help to distinguish sandstone from limestone is partially related to minerals. Rocks made of carbonate minerals can be defined as limestone and have their own classification.  It can say sandstone is a silicate-rich rock. The difference between limestone and sandstone is that limestone is formed in clean ocean water while sandstone is formed from sediment eroded off the continents.

Radsamstone & Sandstone

Radsam Stone Company is one of the leading companies in supplying marbles including Pietra Gray, White Crystal, and many other varieties of Marbles, Travertine, Granite, and Sandstone. For any inquiry, please contact us by WhatsApp:+989900988815 or email: radsamstone@gmail.com


Nahbandan Granite

Gray Nehbandan Granite


AS a result of a hundred million years of creation, Granite has been made.  That makes this rock to be a symbol of hardness, strength and durability Granite with its multitude of colors is the hardest of natural stones and is used for many applications including structural works due to its high compressive strength and durability. Due to hardness, stunning beauty, high strength, durability and durability, and a variety of designs and colors Have seen in granite, it has a good place in the rock and building industry. The method of extraction of granite stones is in the form of a parallel hollow or diamond cutting wire

Since Granite is made of feldspars, mica and other minerals and the combination of all these and the heat of the forming earth on various continents of this planet have made granite to be rich in color and density.   Usually, Granite is used for flooring, countertops, vanities, and furniture and also exterior cladding.  Its superior strength and permanence of finish make it one of the most sought-after building ‘finishing’ products.

 Iran and Nahbandan Granite

Among all, Natnz and Nahbandan granite are very famous and usually are used to make countertops. The U.S. is the main importers of granite countertops during to the construction trends happen in this country. Granite Nahbandan stone is one of the most resistant to cotton flower granite stones. Due to hardness, stunning beauty, high strength, durability, and a variety of designs and colors, Granites have opened up a good place in the rock and building industry. The method of extraction of granite stones is in the form of a parallel hollow or diamond cutting wire

Due to its high strength and low water absorption, Granite Nahbandan stone has a good polishing and various applications in the building. Granite Nahbandan stone is used in the facade of the building, the stone stairs, the staircase wall, and the parking lot and pavement of the crowded places such as passages and metro stations in tile formats. The types of Granite Nehbandan stones, which are processed in Iran and are available on the stone market can be called the following:
Granite Nehbandan Radsam Stone, Granite Nehbandan cream stone, Granite Nehbandan orange stone, and Granite Nehbandan Cubin stone, Granite Nahbandan Grey Stone. Comparing to other kinds of granites, Nehbandan granite has granules much larger than White Natanz, Boroujerd & Zahedan granites.

RadsamStone and Granite Supply

Radsam Stone Company is one of the pioneers in supplying granite in Iran. Almost every week, our clients come to visit our quarry and factory in Iran. In this way, they can personally inspect the materials and give their orders. We offer our clients the best quality materials, with good prices and services. For any inquiry, you can contact us via WhatsApp: +9899009888815, +989336336154 or email us at radsamstone@gmail.com. you can also send us your inquiry and we organize everything until you have your order in your factory. For more detail information about all our products, please check our website at:




Granite Countertops: The New Obsession Of The U.S.

Granite is one of the bestselling countertops for the kitchen. Granite can also be used for floors, walls and give the room or area a natural element. It is chosen over other kind of stone due to its beauty, wide variety of color selections, and durability. Granite is formed as the rock is a result of pressure and extreme heat from the slow crystallization of magma beneath the Earth’s surface. Comparing to other kinds of natural stones, granite is quite heat resistant. For example, placing a hot pan on a well-maintained granite slab will not cause it to crack or weaken.

Among other good features of granite, it’s worth mentioning that granite wont scratch, if it sealed, it lasts for many years because the sealing helps protect against stains. If they are treated properly, there is no need for reseal for another decade. Granite countertops give a unique beauty to any kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in a home. It has so many colors and very cost effective. Granite has always been first choice for many designers and architects. Recently, granite has been widely used around the world especially the U.S. some reasons are as follow:

Import is most cost consuming than extraction

Iran is one of the main suppliers of qualified granite in the world. Although, United States has granite, but other countries could provide more at a lower price. That led to more countertops, creating a cycle in which supply and demand surged. For this reason, based on estimates from the US International Trade Commission, total United States imports of processed granite were about 206,000 metric tons in 1996. In 2014, they exceeded 2 million metric tons.

Shipping granite got easier

Comparing to local granite, the global granite became more easily shippable, it became more affordable for builders and consumers. Since granite slabs for countertops could be precut on site and then safely packed and shipped, it is possible to get granite from around the world.

 Granite and new trend of home construction

One of the most important reasons for the U.S. obsession with granite is more likely the trends in home construction during the 2000s. it has made people, designer and architect have a different implication of what a “good” countertop looked like.It’s worth mentioning that using granite in the home construction is very beneficial in terms of    cost, durability, beauty and color. Recently, it is highly demanded by the U.S. for the impression of luxury, beauty and durability.

Radsam Stone Company is one of the pioneers in supplying natural stones including marbles, travertine, granite and sandstone. We are honored to be a good guest to our client in Iran during their visit from our quarry and factory. We are committed ourselves to be at the service of our client. For more information concerning each of our materials, please contact us via WhatsApp: +9899900988815, +9893336336154 or email Us at: radsamstone@gmail.com


Natural Stones In Ancient Buildings In Iran

Natural stones in ancient buildings in Iran

Natural Stones & Ancient Buildings

The use of natural stones in Iran has a long history. In the ancient time, natural stones have been used to form civilization in Iran. The remaining buildings and works from that time can speak for itself.  Among all, PersepolisPasargadae and many other Islamic buildings can be named.

There are totally billion tons of natural stone resources in the world including Granite, Marble, Onyx and Travertine.  4.7 Million tons of resources are in Iran. That makes Iran the fourth country in the world for supplying natural stones. However, in terms of color variety and quality, Iran is ranked the first in the world.

Many decorative objects made out of Marble and Onyx used as dishes and jewelry are now exhibited in museums of Iran and other countries. Discoveries also show that, these rocks were used as interior decoration in buildings. Discovery, extraction, transportation, cutting, polishing and using natural stones which were performed in traditional ways, has been transformed profoundly in recent decades. The most important part of this transformation is using modern methods in production and use of these resources. Using Non-explosive extraction methods and deploying hard-cutting machines are the most important changes in Iran’s rock industry, which have taken place in the recent decade and have expanded production and consumption of natural stones.

History of Using Natural Stones

Application of rocks in buildings dates from 12 thousand years ago, and discovering ancient structures like the Egyptian pyramids and structures in Iran and Rome has stunned many people, considering the technology at that time.

Application of stones started with using large blocks, but as the technology went on, weight of stones decreased and they paid more attention to color, polishability, texture and strength of the stones. Nowadays stone plates that are beautiful, colorful, polished and low in thickness are used more frequently.

Pasargadae (Tomb of Cyrus the Great)

The stones that are used in Pasargadae and Persepolis include white limestone (similar to Onyx), grey stonesimilar to Granite in hardness and sometimes black Marble which is very fragile. The black stone used in Pasargadae after 25 centuries has become very fragile and is easily broken into pieces, but the other 2 types are very durable.


Two main kinds of stones are used in the structure, light-colored and grey stones. These stones were carried to desired places in blocks as heavy as 30-40 tones, and the weight of only one of the columns is 17 tones.

Radsam Stone and Natural Stones

Radsam Stone Company has been one of the leading companies in exporting Iranian stones. We are working with 250 factories and 50 quarries in Iran. we supply marbles, travertine, sandstone, granite and onyx, of slabs, tiles and blocks. Since we are working with many quarries and factories, we will be well supplied of different blocks, tiles and slabs. Our stones are exporting to many countries all over the world. daily selection of the superior Iranian stone blocks, leads our quality to hit a higher standard than any other suppliers of Iranian stones, in terms of color and quality. Clients are invited to select blocks from the special stock block yard in Isfahan.

Iran plays a major role in the international stone market and plans to ramp up its production capabilities. Among top supplier of natural stones in the world, Iran plays a key role with almost 5,000 processing centers in the country, more than 500 active quarries.

Our Collection Of Natural Stones Is Cool For Designers And Architects

Natural stone obviously has used in buildings for exterior or interior work. That means designers and architectures are the inseparable part of this industry. They are continuously looking for new and also unique materials to use in their projects. That’s the reason why Radsam Stone focuses on natural stone products to make these materials more accessible to them. This is what happens for centuries to decorate the interior and exterior of buildings

We have a large collection of natural stone including granite, marble, sandstone, and travertine.  We supply them in several formats -slab, tile or block- and finishing process such as flammed, honed, or polished. This variety satisfy any architect or designer because they can suit to any kind of desire or preferences they have for their architectural project.

Natural stone is used indoors and outdoors purpose from facades to floors ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, living-rooms to bedrooms. Two key factors, that is, resistance and durability take a starring role in this type of natural materials.  Our products reflect our commitment to quality and aesthetic. The uniqueness of each material can be sensed by the beauty, elegance and exclusiveness of natural stone.

 Our travertine, marble and granite collections are designed from functionality and the latest trends in the market. For most part, natural stone can be used as the neutral base while the rest of accessories can bring the color. For the interior, natural stone add visual interest, texture and sense of comfortability to the space.

For interior design, natural stone can be used numberlessly. You can use a stone wall to frame a. Usually, light stone is used to highlight this specific place in the room like doorway to a bedroom and dark stone will bring a natural feel to a small home or apartment.

The general characteristics of natural stone

Among the most well-known natural stones for construction are granite, marble, sandstone and travertine. They have various degree of water absorption, compression strength, heat storage capacity or frost resistance. One can’t get the technical character of material from their surface. Usually, hard stones like granite are used for the exterior whilst softer materials such as marble are more suitable for interiors.

The applications of natural stones in design and architecture

Natural stone can be used in industry, in garden and landscape design as well as in cladding and design of private and commercial properties. Granite can be used, for example, to decorate exterior facades of museums, Malls, shopping centers or residential units while marbles and sandstone can be used for stair coverings and flooring. They also can be used for masonry, window and door frames, terraces and paving slabs, Interior wall cladding, kitchen worktops, washbasins, fireplaces.

In ancient time, castles, palaces, churches and other imposing buildings were made of natural stone.  In modern time, numerous outstanding projects use natural stone as a building material.

Natural stone: the most durable product

The most durable and versatile materials that can work for every surface, a facade, roof and a great offer for designers and architectures is natural stone.

In architecture and design, natural stone is a trending product. It is the ideal product to achieve a touch of innovation and topicality.

In terms of variety, Iranian natural stones are number one in the world. That is why our collection can bring the most attractive and interesting designs for each case. Likewise, the possibility of finding different natural stone formats let the designers to have an open hand in choosing materials based on their preferences. for detail, please visit our website at: http://radsamstone.com/

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Radssam Stone Company

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Dehbid Marble or Crema Marfil Marble?


Dehbid marble or Crema Marfil Marble from Iran is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. In other words, it has a very bright and shiny background with snowy veins distributed on it which gives it the best look for being used as a floor stone. Its bright colored background is one of the reasons for the wide acceptance of Dehbid marble.  It is normally used in office environments, the lobby of hotels and buildings, residential and commercial sectors, floor of the apartment, the body of the staircase and parkings. The Dehbid Marble is often processed into slabs or large sizes. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and best marble in Iran.

It has some unique properties such as: very low water absorption due to the high density of marble, very high submergence, high perishability, unique color and incomparable transparency and high abrasion resistance. For these reasons, it is mostly used for bathroom and kitchen applications, such as backsplashes, flooring, countertops, and wall coverings and creates a spectacular aesthetic with its exquisite look to any floor, wall, and countertop.


Dehbid quarry and factory are located in Isfahan, Iran. It has many varieties including Dehbid Hassan AbadDehbid Korean White MountainsDehbid ShayanDehbid ChahmorghiDehbid AngourakDehbid Zareh and Dehbid Aryan. They are extracted in five different colors including light cream, cream, flower cream, beige cream. Dehbid Stone is one of the most beautiful and best marble in Iran.

Dehbid marble is one of the most well-known marble stones in the world. It should be noted that due to the large foreign customers for the marble stone mosaic, the field of this stone in the Iranian market is growing. Dehbid marble is produced in slabs and tiles.  

Marbles in Iran are not limited to Dehbid marble. There are varieties of Iranian marbles including Azna White, Aligoudarz White, brown, 3D Black, Pietra grey, Tihou Black and NJF Black marbles among others.

All About Crystal White Marble From Iran

Crystal White Marble is a calcium rich natural stone, changes over time with use, and adds character to the piece. White Crystal Marble has a magical ability to make any place look luxurious, and for exporters, designers and architects, there is simply no substitute for majestic marble.

Crystal White Marble is a kind of pure white marble quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Construction stone, ornamental stone, countertops, mosaic, landscaping stone, monuments, stairs, paving tiles and other design projects. White Crystal Marble can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

Iran is one of the richest country in owning white marble quarries. Different kinds of marbles are extracted from Iran. They are divided in different kinds including Azna, Aligoudarz, Ghorveh, Neyriz, Lybid and Sirjan.

Azna stone: is one of the stones can be found. Some lines can be seen in some sorts but it is mostly completely white.

Aligoudarz stone:  this kind of stone is one of the most beautiful white crystal stones in Iran. There are some beautiful waves on the surface that makes it completely unique in the appearance. Ghorveh stones: its background color can be defined somehow between gray and white. There also some thicker lines inside the surface.

Neyiz Stone:  it is a kind of white marble quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, sills, stairs, countertops, mosaic, fountains and other design projects. It also called Neyriz White Crystal Marble. Neyriz White Marble can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

Lybid Stone: it is a crystal stone with large grading compared to Azna stone. It has a snow white background with lines, pattern or dark flowers in green, brown, black, grey and yellow flowers. The stone is not found unmixed. The pattern is, therefore, important in symmetry patterns of the ground floor or walls. 

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