The Undeniable Role of Women In Stone Industry

radsaam stone

The role of women in every walks of life cannot be denied. Like other industries, the woman can make a great difference in the stone industry as well. The question is if the appearance of women in the stone industry can make any changes in terms of commercial relations, sale rank and also customers҆ services. No one can deny the role of women in Iran in industries such as saffron, carpet, packing and handmade materials. On the other hand, we cannot deny the low potentiality for the role of women in other industries like natural stone industries. As it is defined in the traditional and cultural framework in Iran, the stone industry is always defined as man’s job and usually, no one can see the conspicuous role of women in this industry. In recent years, Iran observed, many female entrepreneurs working on different industries including the natural stone industry. In fact, one of the main factors in the development of the world is the role of female entrepreneurs. Of course, like other parts of the world, there are some injustices against women in this respect.

For example, only about 1% out of 100 % of all properties in the world is in the hand of women. To reach a higher rank of development, Iran has been a pioneer to give the women a chance to step in fields that traditionally and culturally defined as male industries. Especially, in recent years, women have been very active in the natural stone industry and prove their ability in this respect. Since women naturally have the sense to be patient and also have been more cautious in commercial business comparing to men, that helps them to be more accurate in business and making a very trusted and long- term relationship with their partners and clients around the world. 

It is worth mention that there is a general view about working and employment that mainly changes the view of people towards making money.  A great job is generally defined as a routine pattern of job work from morning to night. Although, in the field of the stone industry what works well cannot be seen much on routing appearance in office but a constant advertisement in different social media and building a long-term relationship with the clients.


Women can present a new approach to commercial relationships. Moreover, there are some ethical issues exist in different parts of organizational systems in Iran that make such an approach difficult to reach.  Although, today, women working outside the house especially female entrepreneurs do their best to balance the distinction issues existed in different industries concerning their abilities for what has been defined as the men-based jobs and business. Examples of such successful women in the stone industry have been the main priority in Radsam Company in which from top to bottom are managed by women both in export and import departments. we are one of the main suppliers of marbles especially Pietra Gray (block and slab), Travertine (tile), Onyx (slab & tile) and Granite (slab &tile) To become familiar with the principles behind establishing Radsam Stone Company and also to work side by side with us, please check our website at or WhatsApp us: +989990988815, +989336336154. Moreover, you can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and Instagram.  The links for each are as follow: › stoneradsam › radsam-stone-486057180

Peace Is the Only Option On the Table for All Humankind

Clearly speaking, peace can be defined as the desire of every beating heart. Peace is the hope of every nation, the promise of every politician, the pulse of every religious tradition, the goal of every prayer and the dream of every human being.  Peace is the bold, courageous and ultimate response to the notion that violence provides any viable solution for the conflicts of our world. Where war destroys and tears apart, peace builds, strengthens and restores. At the same time, peace is personal, for each of us longs for security and tranquility in the face of the troubles, anxiety, and chaos that often touch our lives. Within our faith communities, peace speaks of a right relationship with the Holy, and with our neighbors and with the whole of creation. As Taoist author Deng Ming Dao puts it: “The peace of one individual is small. The peace of many people together is big. When we see ourselves as separate from our community and from nature, then violence and strife arise. “

There is no doubt peace is the key cornerstone in each society. Without peace, there won’t be any opportunity for anything. No business, no success and no future. That is why peace is the most important thins after human beings’ essential needs like water, air, and food.  Lack of peace in every society changes the life of one or even more generations of a country but the important thing is that effect will continue for the whole history of a country.

To have all positive activities, peace is the key. Since such activities can happen in an atmosphere of peace.  Such a peaceful atmosphere can build a normal relation among people. And makes the feeling of love and friendship to prevail. In such a favorably peaceful atmosphere, creativity flourish and existing resources can be used for development or other creative activities. It also helps to prevail in academic and intellectual development in society.

We human beings have the potentiality to do beyond good and create a world of peace. By peace, we can end all human beings suffering. At the next level, this peace can involve all live creatures such as animals used to entertain or feed human beings. It is exactly echoing the Albert Schweitzer’s saying, “Until man extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

One recent example of conflict can be seen in the Ukrainian airplane crash that killed many Iranian, Ukrainian and Canadian passengers. Such heart-breaking tragedy is a result of human error and the result of recent political tension between Iran and the U.S. for the martyr of General Soleimani in Iraq. This a clear example of what can come as a result of conflict and tension in the world. Many people who are not politicians, or governors are the main victims of all war provoking countries like the US in the world. It is the part of the Iranian diplomat and foreign mister Muhammad Javad Zarif concerning such heartbreaking tragedy “our profound regrets, apologies, and condolences to our people, to families of all victims and to other affected nations. –

We at Radsamstone Company offer our sincere and deepest sympathies for family and friends of those tragically taken.

More Interesting Usage of Travertine Tile

Beige Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone with many good technical properties and large qualities with various finishing processes and different rage of color. These properties make travertine one of the most commonly used natural stones in the world.

1. Foyers and Hallways

For halls, and foyers, travertine is a good choice and can get a sense of class to the proceeding. It works well in offices and other commercial spaces. This can help you secure a very important asset, particularly when you’re installing in offices and other commercial spaces.

2. Bathroom Vanity Tops

Travertine is also used for the bathroom and such surfaces. It can have different kinds of finishing and color that help to give an astounding look to the surfaces.  It is very common to use travertine as mosaics that work well for wall coverings, as well as basins or shower trays.

travertine project
travertine project

3. Tub Surrounds and Shower Cladding

It is recommended to use travertine for cladding and surrounding. Travertine works well on the exterior cladding. Travertine with various finishing processes to give a great view of the surrounding. It can be seen that travertine tile can work well in this area and have a high-end effect to display the beauty of the place.

4. Main Living Areas

Usually, travertine is not used on the floor but it can be used as the floor surface in the living room in warm places to cool and calm the underfoot.

travertine project
Travertine project

5. Bedrooms

Similarly, in a warm place, it can be used as a ticket to cool the place and having a cooler floor on hot summer nights. Travertine also gives us a sense of is just the let’s not forgotten the subtle decorative advantages that go along with installing travertine tile in a bedroom, with earthy tones that seem to naturally help occupants to unwind after busy days. For the Travertine polished and with resin filling, flooring is a great choice of application. Its uniform beige-colored vein is very suitable and brings a natural warmth and life to any interior area. It is a very common application.

6. Kitchens

To give a different appearance to the kitchen, you can use travertine in the kitchen. It will give the kitchen a comfortable and earthy atmosphere that can make all the difference to the whole property.  Enter the unique color range and sense of permanence that travertine can deliver.

8. Driveways

Travertine pavers add extra beauty and make the driveways look interesting to people’s eyes.  Travertine also work well on the patio and decking areas and gives a subtle pattern and neutral colors that are perfect for contrasting deck furniture

9. Pool Surrounds Perfect for the Imperial look that you’ve achieved in your bath areas inside, travertine is also applicable outside.  Put on your water wings and take the plunge!

10-Interior decoration

The warm beige color and natural vein of the Travertine Classic is very appreciated for interior decoration applications. Here, it is very common to find this travertine on hotels, private homes, where the natural and warm feeling is key.

Interesting Facts About Marble

Abadeh marble

Marble is made of a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. In geological terms, the word marble refers to metamorphosed limestone and it is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material. The word “marble” derives from the Ancient Greek mármaros meaning crystalline rock or shining stone.   This word is also the ancestor of the word marmoreal meaning marble-like.

In fact, to make a crystalline rock, limestone must be subjected to a lot of pressure for a long time. In appearance, marble is more appealing than limestone. It is used in the constructing of buildings. Thera are some interesting facts about marble:
1-Marble is mainly white in color but can come in other colors as well.
2-Back in ancient times, based on the color of marble, it is easy to say you could easily tell where a piece of marble came from.
3-Marblesince the ancient time, marble has been used to make statues and provide flooring since ancient times.
4-sometimes plaster fresco is used instead of marble. Since in terms of price, it is more cost consuming.
5. it is interesting to know The Taj Mahal in India is made entirely of marble.
6- impurities give the marble the color. Marble usually lays among the oldest part of the Earth’s crust.
pietra gray floor
Pietra Gray Floor

There are many applications in using the marble in the building construction. But mainly it is used in the bathroom and countertops. The various colors of marble for bathroom units and walls, give the bathroom a warm surrounding. Marble can also be used for the floor but the polished surface of the marble is slippery. In that case, the honed marble is recommended. Additionally, marble can be used for fireplace surrounds, tabletops, reception countertops, floor tiles, exterior applications such as braai areas, jacuzzi and pool surrounds, and countertop. T

The use of marble for the countertop gives a kitchen a smooth, soft, luxurious look. It can be a good substitute for a granite countertop. Since it has very good resistance to high heat. you can directly put hot pots on the surface. Unfortunately, due to the soft nature of the stone, marble can scratch. The stone is also porous and will stain if spills are not wiped up quickly.

Marble Stain Resistance 

although marble is very vulnerable to stains and scratch easily, using a penetrating stone sealant can solve this weakness. Sealing the surface will definitely affect the quality of marble to be resistant to the scratches and stains. The sealing can penetrate in the small and microscope pores of the stones and it is what has been done by the stone installers. If the marble got the stain, it can be cleaned and the stain is easy to be removed after sealing.

Marble Chemical Resistance

Marble reacts quickly to acids like fruit juice, coffee, soda, alcohol, salad dressing, etc.). such liquids can etch the surface of the marble. Such etching can destroy the polished surface of the marble and remain a stain. the acid that exists in the rain can destroy the surface of the marble-like other kinds of acid liquids. Therefore, it is clear that Acid rain, pollutants, and other weathering elements can affect the surface of exterior marble installations.

This Is Why Marble Suits Your Home Project!

Najafabad Marble

Marble is a kind of natural stone that is not as hard as granite. Marble is also known as the metaphoric rock that is formed from limestone which has been crystallized overtimes. In fact, marble is a kind of crystalline rock concluding one or two of the materials like calcite, dolomite, or serpentine. Marble is white in its purest form. The interesting pattern of color and pattern in marble highly depends on the number of mineral materials in the structure of the stone.

It is extracted from the quarries in large blocks that are cut in the form of slabs with different kinds of finishes. Marble is considered as the kind of luxurious natural stone around the world that is used mostly for countertops, stairs, etc. Marble is resistant against stains and scratching. It is also used in decoration.

The Formation of Marble

Marble is made from a combination of limestone and dolostone gradually over time due to heat and pressure in the earth’s crust. Generally, marble is referred to as a crystalline rock composed predominantly of one or more of the following minerals: calcite, dolomite, or serpentine. However, not all marbles are the same. Varying amounts of minerals present in the limestone during re-crystallization affect the mineral composition of each marble that forms, contributing to the interesting array of colors and patterns.

Marble is mined from quarries around the world in large blocks that are then cut into slabs. These slabs are polished and distributed to stone suppliers. Stone fabricators purchase these slabs from the stone suppliers and install them in your home or office.

White Crystal Marble

Marble Countertops and Durability

Marble has various durability range depending on the type of marble. Generally speaking, the black marbles like 3D black, Black Marquina, Najafabad, and Pietra Gray are harder and less porous. That makes them more resistant to scratches and stains.

To take care of the marble countertop, it is better to use the cutting board and no heavy object is put on top. To prevent any kind of stains on the surface of the marble countertop, the spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. Any kind of chemical cleaners used to clean the marble countertop must be confirmed by the stone fabricator to make sure it works on the marble surface and doesn’t destroy it. 

Scratch Resistance

Comparing to granite, marble is less resistant to scratches. That is why marbles are not used much Marble is a softer natural stone and does not have as high scratch resistance as granite.

Due to impurities such as clay or silt found in limestone, different colors of marble have varying scratch resistances. Comparing to granite with approximately 7 out of 10 Mohs in terms of hardness, marble scores a hardness rating between 2.5 and 5 on the Mohs scale. In terms of heat resistance, marble is very like granite. Even hot pots can be placed directly on the surface without damaging or discoloring the marble.

Having A Rocking Year!


Wish this new year brings for you lots of joy, happiness, good health and indeed wealth.

A Look at Pietra Gray Slab In Our Factory

pietra gray

Radsam Stone Company has been supplying and exporting Pietra Gray marble since 2015. We mainly focus on supplying Pietra Gray Marble (block and slab), granite, onyx, and travertine (tile). Pietra Grey or Grey Pietra is also known as gray marble is one of the most popular Iranian (Persian) natural stones. Pietra gray marble can be provided in slab and block form in different qualities and sizes based on your market and project. Pietra Gray Marble with special effects and beauty with gray and block warm color together with white veins has been provided in high and varied product lines in Isfahan as slab and block.

Pietra Gray surface has been covered with a black grayish background and white layers. It is among the most known Iranian marbles in the world. Additionally, Pietra Gray marble has various qualities and sizes. That is why Pietra gray can work with almost every project and can satisfy every architect or designer’s taste. Generally, lobbies and interior are among the most important places for which Pietra gray is used. On the other hand, it gives the luxuries look to every surface and decorative item. Pietra Gray can be used for places like villas, yachts, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shopping, cruise, and building.

Even Pietra Gray marble with one trend color is the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. In terms of aestheticism, it is the first choice for many interior designers, this marble is a great option for that standout bathroom or kitchen. Petra gray slab has been supplied in honed and polished finishes.

Our major customers are the USA, Russia, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Qatar, Oman, and Turkey. The high advantage of Pietra Gray Marble is its application in the world’s leading projects, including clubs (because of dark colors and white lines and harmony with light dance), the crowded business centers and many other spaces.

 Having our own stockyard, you can personally come and visit Iran and inspect the materials.  Our clients’ personal visit from our stockyard and factory is welcome at any time. They inspect the materials personally. your personal visit from our stockyard and fruitful. Visiting the facility and production lines of the factory, stockyard, and other parts can determine the capacity of our factory and stockyard in supplying Pietra Gray blocks and slabs. Rasam Stone Company guarantees the good quality of the stones supplied. To have a constant relationship with our client. We have already working for different forwarder companies which is very helpful within the process of shipping and customs clearance. Even after our client’s inquiry is ready to be loaded, we still stay side by side to make sure our client has their order safe and sound in the destination port.  We are available on WhatsApp: +989900988815, +989336336154. Also. You can check our website: You can see a variety of materials available on our website. We are also available on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

Tiles of naturality! The best natural stone tiles working well for your project

Beige Travertine

Natural stone tiles can work well almost for every project seeking beauty and durability. Having such qualities, natural stone tiles can be the best option for any part of the building including staircases, walls, floors and also countertops. Among all naturals tone tiles, here are the suggestions to choose the best for your project:

Marble Tiles

Marble has formed the result of intense heat and pressure through the movements of the earth’s crust. It can be a good option for your project if you seek unrivaled prestige in appearance for your project. It’s worth mentioning that the kind of finishing process can deeply spice the appearance and charm of the project. Marble tile has a high variety of colors, kinds, and finishes and can fit well with almost every designer’s taste.

Marbles are very durable and very hard to scratch or scuff. They are very resistant to moisture and can be cleaned very easily. To clean the surface of marbles, you can use crayons with soapy clothes. That absolutely wipe everything of the stone surface. Try to clean the surface of marble as quickly as possible especially when acidic substances like juice or wine spill on them for the long term. Among all the finishing processes, the polished marble is also too slippery and not good to be used in high traffic places.

Pietra Gray Marble

Granite: Best Choice For Countertop

Like marble, granite is great in look. However, its formation is way different from marble. Granite is made of compressed quartz, mica, feldspar, and other tough materials. Comparing to marbles, granite is more durable and harder. To clean the surface of the granite, a soapy cloth can work well. Both honed and polished granite can work well for different parts of a construction. For example, the polished granite is the ideal choice for the countertop while the honed one works well for floors. Comparing, to other forms of granite-like slabs, granite tiles are most cost consuming and cheaper than other natural stones such as marbles.

Granite Project

Travertine: An Ideal Choice

Travertine is a special kind of limestone which have mineral spring deposits. Comparing to limestone, the surface of the travertine is not that smooth. And it is part of its nature to see holes. The color of travertine ranges from pale beige and tan to darker rust and brown shades. Travertine tiles give prestige look to space and even overtimes, the weathering of the travertine is what many favors. It mainly works well in indoor rather than outdoor since it is very fragile to the constant weather changes. Especial care should be given to travertine upon installation to avoid spills in pores by using barrier surface sealants.

Travertine Project

Limestone: Elegant Choice

Limestones are formed from calcium-rich materials at the bottom of ocean-like shells and bones. Under pressure, they are crystallized and form very stylish surfaces. Limestone has a very appealing rustic and softer look compared to marble and granite. They also have great structural integrity. Since limestones are quite porous, they definitely need sealing annually to reduce liquid absorption. Also, the sealing process can help to resist scratching. Limestone is mainly used for suit high-traffic areas and damp places, such as bathrooms and pool areas. In order to clean the surface of the limestone, you can sweep and mop them with a limestone cleaner.

Limestone Project

Honed Marble VS Polished Marble Continued…

Pietra Gray

Sealing is important for both honed and polished marble. Unlike polished marble, honed marble needs more sealing due to having more porosity on its surface. Polished marble is slightly more resistant to staining as its porosity has been reduced by many additional rounds of polishing.

Polished or Honed for Decors?

Unlike polished marble, honed marble is ideal for a certain kind of design aesthetics. It is not as showy as the polished ones but can. It, unlike polished marble, it doesn’t draw the attention much.  However. It can be a perfect choice for organic, natural looks and spice up the war neutral background of the building. It is mostly used for and looks better at Western and beachy styles.

Polished marble, unlike honed marble, polished marble is more an ideal option for the slavish and showy look. Due to its shininess, it can be used for luxe fixtures and ornate lighting. Its appearance makes it perfect for standing alone as a decorative element.  Many halls and grand homes used polished marble to cover the surface. Polished marble can be seen also as an ideal option for modern design.

Polished Pietra Gray Marble

Honed Pietra Gray Marble

A Combination of Honed and Polished Marble

The combination works well per se. the polished shiny part draws the attention while the same honed part makes that shiny boldness deeper in front of the eyes.

Caring Polished and Honed Marble

There are some basics that work well for all marbles

  • Always use cutting boards to protect surfaces from staining, and also knives from damage
  • Try to clean the surface of the stone as soon as possible and no spills and food debris remain on the surface
  • Try to use a gentle cleanser to lean the surface with warm water
  • Avoid using some natural cleaners containing lemon juice or vinegar. Because these are both too acidic to be used on natural stone surfaces and can destroy the surface over the years
  • Consider the suggestion of the installer for sealing the surface over a certain period of time.

Radsamstone company is a leading company in exporting natural stones.  You can check our website at For detailed information about our product, please WhatsApp +9899009888815. Marbles are our specialty. Additionally, we supply travertine, onyx, granite, and sandstone as well.

Having two stockyards for Pietra gray marble, we can supply Pietra Gray marble slabs and blocks as well. Moreover, we have a quarry for beige travertine. we are honored to have the chance to be our quest in Iran and visit and inspect the materials personally. We can arrange your visit from our quarry and other quarries we are working side by side for many years. We can supply natural stones in the block, tile and slab forms and different finishing processes like polished and honed. The physical property of each kind of stone has been mentioned on our website.

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