Why Radsam’s Iranian Natural Stone ?

RADSAM STONE is a dynamic company that was established in 2015 in order to supply and export different natural stone in blocks, slabs and tiles with various sizes and shapes for projects and foreign buyers and stone markets

Our main goal is to introduce Iranian beautiful stones to all over the world and exporting them to other countries with high quality


Iran has many different marble stone types. There are lots of quarries all around Iran that are extracting marble stone in different colors and patterns. Iran marble stones are widely used to cover the floors inside the buildings. The benefit of the Iran marble is its very low prices


another iranian natural stone is onyx. it has beautiful, translucent and contrasting colors. The colors of onyx are soft and sensuous, bold and beautiful and work best when used under lighting as u can see in the topic’s photo or back lighting to draw attention to these translucent qualities. The bands or lines of contrasting color running throughout the stone contribute to its unique characteristics.


Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, specially hot springs which you can find in Mahallat, Isfahan, Iran. Travertine often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exist in white, tan, cream-colored and even rusty varieties. Key characteristics of Travertine stone are the holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion. :


Granite is a common type of igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. Granite stones are very strong and excellent resistant and also very suitable for stairways and industrial places that are exposed to chemical materials.

Types of Marble Tile: Sizes & Shapes

Tiles are most popular in bathroom and kitchen design, but homeowners and designers need not limit them to these applications as tiles can beautify any room.  Tile work can make a space feel larger or, on the contrary, more intimate. They can create an artistic and eclectic feel to interiors. Or, they can transform a space to become more grandly and formal. Ranging from different sizes in tiles and slabs, here are the most common types of marble tile and slabs, as indicated by Better Homes & Gardens. 

Tile:  Often coming in 60 x 30 cm2 , this tiles can create a simply, unified look or can be used to create a pattern with marble tiles of different hues. Small tiles from 30 x 60, 40 x 60 and 40 x 80 cm2 are also very popular for mosaics and murals too .

another sizes including 60 x 60, 40 x 100 and 40 x 120 cm2 are common too and also depends on cusomer’s order, could be vary.

Slab : but for slabs depends on the block size and can be vary

You can achieve stunning tile works and slabs  by shopping from the Marble and Granite selection of high quality marble tiles and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Please contact us with any inquiries. 

7 Surprising Facts About Marble And Marble Tile

For hundreds of years, marble tile and marble stone have been widely used in construction. In fact, marble was the primary material used to build the centuries-old Taj Mahal, the Pantheon in Rome, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Here in Iran, too, marble is a popular building material.  The Parliament House in Canberra, for example, utilised the stone for its Marble Foyer which features 48 columns wrapped in green Italian Cipollino marble, as well as Paradise White marble tile flooring.
These are just a couple of interesting tidbits about marble. There are dozens.

Marble Is Created Over Hundreds Of Years

Marble is a metamorphic stone. It starts life as limestone or dolomite that’s buried in the Earth. Over hundreds of years, immense pressure and high heat compacts and transforms the original limestone. The result is large blocks of marble that are harder, denser and more colourful than the original stone.

All Marble Has One-Of-A-Kind Patterning

The distinctive veining patterns are one of the most recognisable elements of marble stone. These patterns are created by small minerals that fill cracks and fissures in the original limestone. As the stone is subjected to pressure, the minerals crystalise, creating those reflective, glistening veins throughout.

Marble Is Available In Numerous Colours

We tend to associate marble with white, cream or grey tones, but that’s not the case. Marble is available in dozens of shades and varieties, which are typically available by region. Swedish green marble, for example, originates in Sweden, and it has a dark forest green hue. Classic Carrara marble, on the other hand, is white or blue/grey stone that’s commonly found in Italy. Popular marble choices other than the classic creams and beige include reds, violet and black.

Marble Does Not Hold Heat

There’s a reason marble has been used for buildings in the Mediterranean and India – the stone is heat resistant. Whereas concrete or wood absorb and hold heat, marble tile does not heat up as quickly or absorb the energy. Therefore, in hot climates, it can help to naturally cool interior spaces.

Marble Is Extremely Durable

Marble’s density and durability are key reasons the Taj Mahal and the Pantheon still stand today. On the Mohs rating scale, marble ranks a 2.5 to 5, meaning it’s about average in terms of hardness, but when properly installed, it can last generations. (Comparatively, granite ranks about a 7 to 8.)

Marble Is Hypoallergenic

Marble’s density and low porosity also make the stone hypoallergenic in buildings. Carpet, for example, can collect dust and animal dander, and wood can mould and bow when wet. Marble, though, does not collect allergens, and therefore, it’s a popular choice for homeowners with any allergy concerns.

Marble Gets Its Name Due To Its Gloss

Marble has long been renowned for its reflectiveness. In fact, the word marble originates from the Greek word “marmar” – a verb that means “to glisten.”Looking for marble stone or marble wall tiles? Marble Matters can help. We supply high-quality stone products throughout Iran.

A Guide to Stone Quality


The quality of natural stones highly depend on the quality of blocks from which tiles and slabs are produced. That means, with varying quality for the blocks, varying quality for slabs and tiles are expected. It is clear that all materials included in any block are not from the high quality. In other words, out of 100 %, only 20% of the block are highest quality, 30% are standard quality materials and the rest 50 % are commercial grade quality. In fact, the percent of commercial grade quality materials highly affect the price of the stone. Generally speaking, these commercial grade qualities can be classified as fissure, pitting and stain.

Fissures and Pitting

During the process of stone formations as the result of merging two separate flow of liquid hot magma into one single flow, fissure is formed. So, it is a natural flaw and no one can do anything about it. Therefore, during the whole process including producing slab and tiles, these natural junctions and line of separation can be seen.

Pitting on the other hand, is a tiny space seen on the surface of natural stones especially white kinds like Carrara Bianco and Statuario marble; it is a natural property for the natural stones and cannot be removed.

A stain is a discoloration, but not vice versa!

Stain is a dark chip on the surface of the stone. There is not a single exception to this rule. This discoloration of the stone can provide no solution for its removal.

There are different kinds of staining that forms on the surface of natural stones. Although there are different kinds of saint is formed on the surface of stones; some are treatable, some are not. Some spills penetrate in the pores can be resolved using surface cleaner

Similarly, with natural stone, there are discolorations that may have been caused by chemical damage. With chemical damage, the surface of the stone is actually physically altered

Stain on Natural Stones


One of the other problems can cause humidity on the surface of the stone after installing over times is rusting. In fact, rusting is another kind of stain that is likely to occur on natural-stone tiles and slabs because of their chemical composition and molecular structure.  It usually happens on the natural stones due to some chemical process as the result iron deposit existing within stone. It can happen on floors, countertops, and surrounds or any other places made of natural stones

A list of recommendations to avoid rusting on the surface of the stones can be:

  • Avoid the surface to water, for some surface on which water avoidance is virtually is impossible, granite sealer is the best option.
  • Avoid using acidic cleaners and substance as well as metallic or steel wool pads to clean the surfaces
  • Use granite cleaner and soft nylon brush or gentle scrubbing pad
  • For stubborn rusty stain , Spray or pour 3 or 4 percent hydrogen peroxide on the stained area, then add granite cleaning pad to agitate it more. Let it sit for 24 hours, then rinse it with water

Identified problems

In the case the natural stone materials do not have the necessary quality, it is important to let the supplier of your materials know. For any inquiry or question, you can contact us on +989900988815 or +989396157556.




Blue Onyx

With deeply forged within the earth’s crust, natural materials like granite, quartz turn into onyx. Onyx forms from  calcite-full spring water or groundwater dissolved in it. To form onyx, the water emerges at the mouth of a spring, the mineral gathered and build a crust of calcite crystals. While calcite is mixed with impure materials  makes variations in the layers of onyx.

Among all colors of onyx, warm honey color is the most common color. Every layer of onyx has been made by subtle variations in the spring water. In fact, each slab of onyx is  made by slicing down into the layers, revealing thousands years of deposits.


Onyx can be found in a variety of colors. For busy kitchen, onyx cant be a good option because as it seems it is fragile stone. As you may have guessed, onyx is a somewhat fragile stone. Since it can be scratched and etched easily and hard to be cleaned an kept away of all scratches. Although onyx is fragile in nature, may high-end restaurants and resorts use onyx bar tops to  echo the feeling of freshness and brilliance into the space. Onyx can be also used in back splashes, vanities, or as accent tiles.

Onyx can be produced in block, slab and tiles and can be used to form basins, lighting fixtures, or tabletops. The reason for such uses is clearly related to the spectacular quality of onyx to radiate light.  For decades before marbles, onyx has been the most applicable stone especially one can sense the play of colors in such a unique natural stone. Onyx reminds us that natural materials are unparalleled in their artistry. In this case, the stone is a collaboration of three simple ingredients: water, minerals, and time.

Among all other colors, white onyx with that spectacular crystalline background play with everyone’s soul especially with those suggestive waves plow through its structure.this quality inspire many architects to play with the unique appearance of the white onyx for designing interior spaces , luxury places such as hotels, bathrooms, kitchens,  showers, lobby wall of the halls, the lobby floor of hotels, the toilets and stone artifacts.


The Influence of Covid-19 on the Export from Iran

export natural stone

No need to say that the spread of covid-19 in the world has caused many problems especially the economic and financial ones. The sudden increase of the number of unemployed people in developed countries like United States and England proves this claim. In developing countries like Iran, the issue of sanction has worsened the situation in Iran in fighting corona virus in Iran. Interesting, Iran, comparing to other developed countries, has powerful health medical system.

Najafabad Marble
Black Marquina Marble

Although U.S. US has claimed that food and drug have not been sanctioned, Iran’s access to foreign goods including drug and medical equipment has strongly become limited; Obviously, a violation of international regulations.

 With all these issues Iran has to deal, still its borders are open to export the most known materials like natural stones. According to the financialtribune.com, Iran has imported 1.71 million tons of non-oil goods worth $1.91 billion were imported into Iran from Feb. 18, 2020. It has been reported that Iran exported 4.11 million tons of non-oil goods worth $1.28 billion over the same period, registering a 20% decline in weight and a 30% decrease in value year-on-year. 

Natural Stone Exporter

Although there are many confusions over the sanction and recently corona virus in Iran can be new path for exporting natural stones. Iran has done a great in dealing sanctions or avoiding sanctions. Presently, Iran has used different strategies to deal with corona virus. In the new approach to break the circle of corona virus and principles of social distance, Iran has preferred to open new business with low risk not to allow the economic collapse completely in the country. Besides the negative aspects of corona virus, Iran has started to think of exporting the exportable materials to other countries which are less involved with corona virus. These countries have been recently added to the list of the countries to which Iran can export natural stones.

Pietra Gray Marble

Radsam Stone Company has already been ready  to export its natural stones such as marble especially Tihoo, Pietra Gray, Black Marqina, Brown marble and  travertine especially honey travertine among all other materials available.  



An Update on Covid-19 not 20!

Corona Virus

As it appears to the world, corona virus comes to every life and home in no time. It spreads from North to South, East to West with no worry in its mind and heart what it is doing to human’s life. In fact, it doesn’t care much! with all the confusion, it has brought with itself to everyone. No one can define Corona virus any boundary or person. It took anyone who ignores it in the worse than any miserable way one can imagine. The only way is to stay home and think twice or even three times! Corona virus has done many bad things in this world, but it has good side too. Although it caused all death it could cause and is still causing, watching groups of people united in one country with any race, sex or religious belief make us wonder we are still having that human’s gene in our blood. The most outstanding example of such unification can be seen among doctors and nurses who sacrifice their lives to save others. Although Corona virus has shaken the world in a way nothing has shaken before, and put many businesses to end, it makes many to think more about the value of their lives. We at Radsam Stone Company like other  businesses around the world wish the best for the most valuable and respected staffs in the world now and we wish the best happen to people in the world.

Medical Staffs in Hospital, Iran

 With all this unbelievable contagious nature of Corona virus in hand, we are still up and on to do our best to be with our business and clients. It seems like it is a must to stay home and stay safe. We at Radsam Stone Company look it as a chance to be closer to our clients and to echo the fact that it doesn’t matter what country one belongs to, what does matter is how we behave each other when it comes to human’s threats. So, be conscious more about poor people, injustices, manslaughter and war. it is the only real war all people have not against each other or other countries but against a shared threat as Corona virus.  

Stay home, stay safe!


Mika Marble

To decorate a building, Natural stones are considered a luxurious option. It gives the spaces an earthy look, natural beauty, and environmental friendliness. Natural stones are the perfect materials that can be used for adorning both indoor and outdoor spaces. Among all natural stones, marble talks louder. Marbles are the most famous natural stones that have been used extensively by architects, sculptors, and designers throughout the history of human civilization. This stone is renowned for its glimmering appearance and its ability to make any space look ten times more aesthetically pleasing.  As marble is considered the king of luxury, it also comes with a high price tag.

Marble is transferred to the factories after they are extracted from the quarries in order to create products such as tiles, slabs, and mosaics. You can find Marbles with a huge variety of lovely hues and tones with different veining patterns and intensities. Marble products available in markets have different finishing processes; among all, polished ones are the most preferred ones since they enhance the refractive property of marble. Here are some of the most known varieties of marbles in Iran.

White Marble

White Marble with its all purity and neatness, as well as light and spaciousness can bring beauty to any home or space, particularly when not combined with any other type of marble. For all the above reasons, white marble can be an ideal choice for spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. The White marble can fortunately be combined with any type of marble; that is, depending on the environment that you are trying to create, you can use any type of white marble.


The cream marble has various colors. The cream shade can combine perfectly with the wide range of any natural color, such as ivory and beige; it gives the environment a peaceful atmosphere. This is why architects and decorators are very interested to use cream marble in their projects.


Obviously, Black is the color most commonly associated with luxury and elegance.  It is suggested to be used in lit rooms and wide spaces like a bathroom and kitchens. Moreover, it is a great choice to be used in façades and for cladding.  In terms of the finishing process, black marbles can be produced honed, polished tumbled, brushed, or bush hammered. In this case, we are going to focus on the type of black marble most common, specifically the Black Marquina (Najafabad marble), 3D black marble and Tihoo marble.

Brown Marble

To inspiring safety and comfort, brown is the first choice and it has versatile. It gives the room an ethnic look. Since the color brown is a color that can add charm to any room, it is highly recommended to be used use in highly frequented living areas, such as the living room or the kitchen. Among all the finishing processes, we recommend polishing one to keep its vitality intact.


Grey is the color that transmits calm and sophistication to the environments. Since it has a neutral hue, it can be combined with many different nuanced materials. There is a great diversity of grey marbles, including Pietra Grey and Gray marble.

Pietra Gray Marble Quarry in Iran

Pietra Gray

Pietra Gray marble, known as Shakespeare Marble internationally and Lashotor locally, is among the most known marbles in the world. Pietra Grey Marble quarries which are located in south of Isfahan and very close to city, have provided this possibility that this stone with strong distinctive white veins in different directions and thicknesses which is highly resistant, very low water absorbent and beautiful to be installed as step treads and interior walls, can be used in most of the monuments in Isfahan city. The quarry has about 360,000 tons of capacity for the next 10 years. Pietra gray slab can be produced in 2 and 3 thickness. The use of Pietra Gray Marble for the façade of buildings is not recommended since its black color changes to grey due to sunlight. One of the disadvantages of this building stone is the accumulation of dark veins that may be evacuated during the time destroys the beautiful look of stone.

pietra Gray Marble Slab
Pietra Gray Marble Slab

Processing Kinds of Black Pietra Grey Marble can be as follow:

  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled
  • Polished

Pietra gray slab is used in the innovative architectural designs for the conference saloon, ritual spaces, corridors, etc. it is also used in restrooms and baths since it gives a special appearance to space. Recently, Pietra Gray slab has found its fame among European innovative designs and has been used widely in conjunction with other marbles.

The price for Pietra Gray blocks depends on many different factors. Some of the blocks have internal cracks, some other have burnt stains, chain lines or lighter in color compared to other Pietra Gray blocks; that leads the supplier of Pietra Gray blocks to offer a very low price for such blocks. Although, our company, Radsamstone, has gathered a collection of the best Pietra Gray blocks in its stockyard and offers you the Pietra gray blocks with the most cost consuming price.; that is, the prices for Pietra gray blocks are in line with the quality of blocks. We used the same blocks, chosen very carefully and cautiously from the quarry, to produce the Pietra Gray slabs.

Having our own quarry and stockyard in Iran, we can supply Pietra Gray blocks and slab in large amounts. we have already exported Pietra Gray blocks and slabs to other countries including Italy, India, and China among others. Since we can supply Pietra Gray block and slabs in different qualities with logical prices, our clients always have been satisfied with the variety of options they have in choosing Pietra Gray block and slabs.

Besides Pietra Gray marble, we can supply Tihoo marble as well. Tihoo marble is new marble with almost the properties like Piera Gray marble. Tihoo marble also can be supplied in block and slab forms and has very high assistance and low water absorption. We can offer you Tihoo marble as an alternative material for your project and market. You can personally come to Iran and pay a visit to our factory and quarry.


Tihou Black

Marbles can be in different kinds, including calcites (from calciferous limestones), dolomites (from dolomitic limestone), serpentines (typically green marbles) and travertines (sedimentary limestone). Each of these is similar in their composition, that being predominantly calcium carbonate, and their capability to take a polish. The stone that is quarried west of Belen in central New Mexico is a travertine marble.

Marble can be found in grey, and white, beige, pink or even green, and black.  Marbles are known for their smooth lines, beautiful veins, smooth surface, which is ideal not only for kitchen countertops but also for flooring, as well as for the bathrooms. In any area, marble will be noticeable due to its natural appearance, giving elegance and luxury to the interior.

Elegant and refined, Tihoo marble is the best-suited one for decorating not only the living spaces but also the office foyers that usually serve as the corporate identity of the company. Moreover, any marbled interior creates a striking effect of luxury, elegance, and reliability.  It is worth mentioning that Tihoo marble, in comparison with other natural stones, is quite an affordable option, which makes it more attractive today for use as construction or facing material.

Tihoo black Marble is a rock widely used in buildings, monuments, and sculptures.  Tihoo Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed from limestone. Tihoo Marble is found in Iran.

Tihoo Marble is formed from limestone under the pressure from the heat of the earth’s crust causing recrystallization. Impurities in the limestone during recrystallization influence the mineral composition of the Tihoo marble. In terms of mining, Tihoo marble cannot be split easily into sheets of equal size and must be mined carefully. Tihoo Marble has long been highly valued for its beauty, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion.

Large blocks of Tihoo marble can be used for columns, floors, and other parts of buildings. Smaller pieces of such marble are crushed or finely ground and used as abrasives in soaps and other products. Crushed or ground Tihoo marble is also used in paving roads and in manufacturing roofing materials and soil treatment products. Tihoo Marbles have similar characteristics to limestones and are typically used on the same applications, though, marbles are almost always more aesthetically valuable and available in a much wider range of colors. Tihoo marbles are suitable for both interior and exterior applications but it should be noted that with today’s environment containing so many pollutants if a polish finish is specified on marble, it will not last.

 We at Radsam stone Company are ready to supply Tihoo block, slab, and tile in large amount for our customers. We have very reliable sources in Iran and our clients are welcome to come to Iran and visit the factory and quarry.

Beyond the pistachio and carpet of Iran, Iran is known as one of the main resources for natural stones. Having our own stockyard, we also can supply Pietra gray block and slab in the large amounts. Travertine tile is the other option we always have on the table for our clients. We hope to see you soon in Iran.